April 16, 2009

pop culture anthropology

I avidly follow photographers that I admire on their blogs. Today, Susannah at Ink on My Fingers followed the example of a fellow photographer and posted a shot of "what's in your bag." Now I know, this is not a new concept but since my cold is lingering and I haven't been out today - I thought I would play along. Besides, I needed an excuse to clean out my bag. *grin* You know you will do that too - clean out your pockets or bag before you photograph them. Otherwise you would know that I'm horrible about keeping tons of receipts on my bag and then I curse when I can't find my cell phone in the bottom of my bag (even though there are 4 pockets on the sides where it would make perfect sense to put the damn thing...but that's too easy).

So, you will find (from left top to bottom):

** Sony Cybershot & photocards (I rarely use it so it's not charged)
** Cell phone - I never put it in the side pockets so I'm always cursing when it rings.
** Change - I never put change back in my wallet so there is always loose change in the bottom of my bag. And I wonder why I can never find anything.
** Sad, sad, sad worn out wallet from Urban Outfitters. I got this bright idea that I would use this instead of my heavy fancy wallet. Not good, it doesn't hold much and the latch sprang after I ran over it with my desk chair.
** Mom's bracelet that I wore to church on Sunday. I need to put it back in the jewelry box.
** Flash drive to take to the print shop so I can get some printing done.
** Make-up - just the essentials: powder, gloss and lipstick.
** Nail polish - OPI Dulce De Leche (my favorite shade)
** Car and House keys - red leather heart that I had forever and a silver medallion that says "home" given to me at Christmas. I'll cherish that forever as it was very meaningful to me.
** Sunglasses and reading glasses
** Assorted pens - I love funky colored pens
** Lens cloth

What's in your pocket or wallet?


  1. I can't leave home without my glosses...a few shades of course!
    I'm really trying to be more organized in this dept ;)

  2. Not only do i love that you played along, but i especially love how neatly you've laid it all out for us - you are my kinda woman :) x

  3. nothing too exciting in my bag. and very little cash is in my bag. VERY LITTLE.

  4. Your bag is so beautiful and tidy. While I love my handbags, I am not the most organized person in the world. I think rats live in my bags! j/k

    I'll have to do some cleaning and post!

  5. This is a good idea. Maybe I will play too!

  6. what fun! mine is frightful!

  7. I love this idea....I just finished taking pics of my purse and all it's goodies in hopes of getting it all posted tonight...

  8. You've got a fun bag going on there. My daughter and I each bought the same hobo style bag from Gap last week. It's large, with very few compartments. When I mentioned that things don't stay organized in it, she answered, "That's the beauty of it!" I think she's right!

  9. Oh my... the question is what's NOT in my pocketbook????
    Even the contents of your purse look FAB photographed by you!

  10. hahaha.
    Jamie and i were thinking of doing this for our next diptych.

  11. i think this is a fun assignment. it would be interesting for T and me to do and post together.
    oops i just saw the post above and they're doing it as a dip too. oh well.

  12. Did you skip the Michael's receipt? That's the first thing that caught my eye... probably cause I dug one out of my own wallet the other day and saved 50% on cardstock...

  13. the more dips the better! :)

    and I did forget the Michael's receipt that I left in as a representative receipt - good eye woman.

  14. I love this, I'm going to do it, I'd kinda like to see what all is in my purse anyway! ; )

  15. yes, I'm guilty of stuffing all my receipts into my purse willy-nilly, too. I also carry a tape measure -- you never know when you might find a great piece of furniture that you must have... :)

  16. I love these posts. I wrote a similar one some time ago. I think knowing what people choose to carry around with them is such fun. I, too, carry tons of pens. Every color but blue or black.


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