April 9, 2009

every day I sit at my window...

...and look out at the world. In six weeks it's gotten greener, brighter and more lush. And so has my life in so many ways. The evolution of Charlane is happening - that paradigm shift, the slight altering of perceptions and realities and yes, even acceptance of the circumstances.

in my window

I remain a big believer in choosing our happiness. A friend's blog today talked about that changing of perceptions and how difficult it is to achieve. I know that - if just adjusting the attitude was the thing - I would be very skinny, Clive Owens would be my boyfriend, and I would be a world renown photographer traveling the world taking amazing, stupendous, fantastic photographs. okay, okay, okay - maybe the shots would only be amazing - I should be humble after all or I would never get that Pulitzer. (hahaha - kidding!!!)

But yes - I think we have to put it out there - our wishes. And we have to work to achieve them and with that work comes the perception of happiness. That finding of small things in the mundane, the everyday, the repetition to make us happy. Am I happy that I remain unemployed for what is the beginning of a fourth month? NO. But...am I happy here...with family, with this gorgeous light...with love. Oh yes...yes, and again yes. The other stuff is just window dressing when I can reach in and find that nugget to cling to.

I can be skinnier - that is my decision. I can have a Clive wannabe boyfriend if I really wanted that (I imagine that I probably wouldn't want the real Clive even when presented with the opportunity *grin*). As far as the world renown photographer - *chuckle* I'm working on that too. Aren't you working on being world renown at something you love? Think about that - are you building that dock so your ship can come in? Or are you just whining about it never happening?

A dear friend IM'ed me this morning - she is working hard on training for a triathlon. We met about ten years ago when she was still in collage - since then she has grown so much and has worked hard to change her reality. Today she said "...my new thoughts are: I'm going to push it as hard as I can. If I lose weight, fine. If guys start hitting on me, who cares. Not me. This is about seeing what I can do."

I find that so inspirational - isn't that the essence of life? Finding out what you can do?


  1. excellent thoughts. we determine our fate to a large extent. at least we have to try to if nothing else!!!

  2. yes every day ~you are full of good thoughts today to along with the vase of tulips ...
    you are a treasure~ elk

  3. "This is about seeing what I can do." Exactly! Often I feel that way but when I forget is when I get into trouble and lose my way.

    It's not always easy to change your perception by sheer force of will (or at least I'm not able to do it easily) but I do find that the more I pin down my wishes and what I want, the easier it is to get those things, thus changing my perception in that roundabout way.

    Great post!

  4. I really love this post, so well put.

  5. you GOT it girl,... and because you put it so well, i get it too. So many times i rail against reality but to mellow and accept is better. Of course without losing the overall goal. Thanks, Char!

  6. Great attitudes here. Yes, so much of happiness, contentment, comes from mindset,finding a satisfaction in the small things. Small things accrue after all. Love your inspiration to make our own realities, to "own" our choices. It's amazing how when we decide to, they have a way of becoming us.

  7. What a lovely post Char, that was inspirational, esp the last quote from your pal... I believe in constantly creating and projecting your dreams, they're the sparkle, the passion that keep us going!

    Happy Easter - hope a even better looking and more gentlemanly guy than Clive Owen is delivered to you!

  8. you're so right. we can choose our happiness to a great extent - it's all in our outlook. You have such a positive outlook - it is contagious.
    Love! the photo today.

  9. you hit it baby....the nail that is...on the head !!!

    only WE have the ability to change anything, especially our attitude....and so often we forget that we have that power right at our fingertips...

    thanks for pushing us all to remember that we want we can have....

    so I'll be that famous photographer with you and I'd like to come home to javier bardem....at least one night okay ?

  10. I sooooo needed to read this one today! I've been all wishy washy about trying to start a new project that would hopefully even yield money if successful, but I'm gonna go for it after reading your post today! Thank you Char :) I've always been so glad that I found your blog.

  11. I like your attitude. You certainly seem more at peace where you are now. And yes, things could be better, but you are seeing all the good around you and that accounts for a lot.
    Your friend sounds very inspirational. And your picture? Well, it's gorgeous. I love the border and the texture and just all the colors. So nice.

  12. A beautiful post -- excellent thoughts beautifully expressed. And yes, I applaud your friend's comment "this is about seeing what I can do"...an excellent thought we can all learn from!

  13. Hey Char, that was another inspiring post...I know there's a difference between doing what you love and wanting it whole heartedly, every second of the day.
    We have goals, but are they big enough?Are we doing enough to obtain them?
    I think about how those Art Masters reached the recognition they got...but I know they lived, ate and breathed their Art, their Passion every single day.
    I'm struggling, but still managing to keep my painting in the background whilst raising a family.I can't be a starving artist...not yet...not until my girls have left home.
    Don't ever give up...your work touches many eyes!
    Have a wonderful Easter.

  14. You probably saw this on my blog posted awhile back but it bears repeating:

    "They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

    ~Andy Warhol

  15. good to hear.
    glad to have read this before bed.
    thank you.

  16. A beautiful post and one I can heartily agree with. You see what you are looking for. Clive Owen is mine though, so step off girl!

  17. Wonderful post today Char!
    If there is anything that I have
    learned over the course of the
    last several years, it is that we,
    I am the only one who stands
    in the way of my dreams. Your
    blog is always such a treasure
    to read!

  18. Thank you so much for writing this. I've put off trying so many things because they seemed too hard, or because I was afraid of failure. And now that I'm feeling the pressure of age, I'm almost like a deer in the headlights. But you are so wise; I will find out what I can do, starting today. :)

    LOVE the photo, btw! Have a very happy Easter, my friend.

  19. First, this photo is amazing. Beautiful and peaceful and full of story.

    Your words were also wonderful. I think you are right. Our happiness, our joy, our contentment rests squarely on our own shoulders. In our own choices. It is so easy to become rut-bound though, isn't it. To always have a tomorrow to count on? For me, the real choice is a daily climb right up and out of that rut.

  20. This is a post that I will never forget. Truly inspirational, and has me thinking of everything I wish to accomplish, but hasn't happened so far. I'm a big believer in timing, and know that things WILL happen if I do my best. Everything happens for a reason!

  21. Yes.

    This blog is so honest and real. Thank you.

  22. Hang in there Char it sounds like you are on the right track. I am going through a paradigm shift of my own. Transition is never easy, you never know when it is finished until one day it smacks you right upside the head> Then you realize, "Hey I did it and it feels great!"

  23. Belief is reality! You ARE world renowned- I certainly renown (?) you and I'm in a totally different part of the world to you! Perfect photo.....

  24. Another stunning photoshop rustic effect! Love it :-) probably you should give us tutorial sometime!

  25. I really liked this. Am I building that dock so my ship can come in? I think so...although sometimes it feels like I have to plant the seedlings, wait for them to grow, and chop the trees down first before I can even begin to think about the dock.

    I like your friend's attitude too.

    BTW, I hopped on over here from Maria's place at K.A.P.



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