April 16, 2009

cold central

it seems like I'm always whining about a cold and i really dislike that - i don't like complaining all the time. but...the fact remains that i can barely hear out of my left ear and it's driving me insane. yes, i'm taking beds, drinking fluids and the whatnot. no infection (that i can tell).

but the day was too gorgeous to stay inside. so here are a couple. what did you do today? anything fun....or was something at work funny? did you complain too? or did you laugh - a lot? i hope you laughed a lot. i wanna laugh with you.

i must dash - hogatha and her brother are doing "let's eat" dance under my chair.

curl I'm obsessed with all things curly in nature.

Poppy red poppies...where's emerald city?


  1. too weird, I went to the doctor this morning with what I thought was a problem with my ear. He said it was allergies irritating my throat etc and thus affecting my eustachian tube. Are you sure you have a cold, if it's dragging on it could be spring allergies?

  2. you poor thing...get better and then come up here and stay with me, out at our cottage in the woods, where we can hike and take pictures like you just can't imagine...it's all I did today and the photos...well, I'm still going through them as there are sooooo many to pick from.....isn't spring just the frickin best thing after a long winter ???

    and remember...an old wives tale...slather your feet in vicks vapor rub, put on some thick socks and then go to bed...by morning, you'll be as good as new !!!

  3. mm! red poppies!

    today i worked, tomorrow we're going to the moma!

  4. i am with beth on the cold remedy...but add some "spirits" too!

    your photos look so great today!

  5. gorgeous pics!!! i got sick last night but am feeling better today. hope you are better soon, too, and that it warms up out there already!

  6. For some reason, I'm not sick. Even though there's been over a foot of snow on the ground today. In April.

    As for where's the Emerald City, you can find it in Payson, Utah come August and September. :D Can't wait for rehearsals to start!

  7. i ADORE this poppy picture!!!

    they are quickly becoming my favorite flower. will this be for sale in your shop??? i hope so!

    i hope you feel better, sweetie!

  8. I love the topmost photo..green on green...

  9. Hang in there Char, the weather will be a lot warmer soon. In the meantime I have to tell you that your photo of the poppy is outstanding! And the green on green of the first one is so soothing and full of promise with the stem and bud unfurling. I like both of them!

  10. Hope you're feeling better today, it's good that you got out to snap a few pretty photos. There's nothing like doing what you love to distract you from the sniffles!

  11. I had a similar issue a week and a half ago except I was hearing the ocean from the pressure! Coupled with a sore throat.....I was not a happy camper!!

    Feel better.

    p.s. We played Bingo last night!

  12. Feel better soon, and I hope at least the photos are keeping you good company and making you feel better when the medicine isn't working.

    Or maybe I mean to say that these photographs are good medicine.


  13. Oh, I love that second one - so Wizard of Oz!

    Oh, and hot toddies. Trust me, they work. Just google a recipe for one.

  14. Hi! Nice to meet you! Your pictures are gorgeous. I'm trying to wrangle myself away from the computer to get out into this beautiful day...but I'll come back and drink it all up soon! Take care,

  15. Hey Char...poor you, get better soon.
    I adore your "Curly" pics..and the poppy, one of my fave flowers.
    What did we do today...we rounded up all Ashley's little friends and went for the first picnic of the year at our park...got sand between our toes and played tag.
    There was much laughter and now they're having their(or my) much needed siesta...
    I just read your "Purse" post and looked in mine to see if I was brave enough to do one...hmm,we'll see...I better get some work done first.
    Ciao for now.

  16. Sorry about your cold. I know everyone has a thousand remedies. I swear by Zicam and Nyquil. as for fun I am going on a road trip! :-)

  17. Especially love that top photo and its squiggly greens reaching toward the sun... (is it a poppy?)

  18. the top is a fern slowly unfurling. I was just obsessed with them and took like 20 shots.

  19. GORGEOUS poppy! ENJOY your weekend, my friend!

  20. OMG, just gorgeous! hope you are feeling better soon. :)


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.