June 27, 2009

what cha doin'?

it is always weird to be up early on a saturday morning, but i knew this would happen when i fell asleep watching the sex and the city movie last night. even the puppies were sleepy early.

i'm excited - i'm starting a quilting challenge on monday and i've never made a quilt before. plus, i'm handsewing the thing as i don't have a sewing machine. don't get all excited, it's just a pillow top and i'm doing it in felt. i have all these big ideas in my head, but i'm afraid it will look like a poor little charlie brown quilt. all lopsided and stuff.

oh yeah...i did promise the story about the new jersey-quese housewives next to us at dinner last week. it all seems so anti-climatic now, just like the finale of the real housewives (just was it that danielle tried to do to dina - puncture the bubbies, whack her, what?). you know it has to be good or big bad caroline would have sicced the puppy on her, right? but...i have wondered away from the subject.

one of my pet peeves is to be in a nice restaurant and the table is so obnoxious and rude that you can't enjoy your food. i mean, it's one thing if you're in a family place that is meant for that, but if i'm (well, my brother) is paying over $20 a plate - it's not mcd's. you know? there were two women, obviously wearing 'bump-its' and side ponys that they must have gotten theirs that very morning. they had nice bottles of wine (which they were loaded on) and at least six children between them. the children ranged from 10ish to 3ish...while momma sat there and complained (loudly) how horny she was. geesh - do people even use that word anymore after the 12th grade or freshman year? the children consumed piles of expensive sushi and mommas drank more wine as the conversation stumbled on to firm butts when the one told the other what her trainer said about her firm butt. then the picture taking commenced. flashes going off in our eyes as we tried to wait for our meals (of course the restaurant was slow - they had to go catch the fish theirselves, right?). not fun. just not fun. all part of my theory how the world is going to pot because no one seems to care about anyone much anymore. (not you - no....but people as a whole and in public) i mean, come on, have dignity much? uhmmmm, no.

see, much funnier when it was happening than the retelling. well, that and i suck at stories sometimes. i just checked yard sales since my thrify friends always find such good stuff. maybe since i'm up early i can check out a couple. and go to the farmer's market. i'm hungry for some fresh corn - i wonder if i could convince my brother to put on the grill for some roasted corn?


  1. well you cracked me up with your perfectly done story telling, but it was hard to concentrate as I'm so in love with your dragon fly photo and couldn't take my eyes off it !!

    happy saturday and thrifting !!

  2. i love your dragonfly!

    i really enjoy early mornings by myself. today i woke just before 6 and just couldnt sleep.

  3. I'm loving the macro shot, and it was a good story!

  4. I spent last night perusing the yard sale ads in the newspaper in hopes of finding a really great estate sale hidden amongst the toys and old pans for sale. But conning my nine yr. old into actually going is an entirely different story. As for your dinner, classy women obviously. ;) Enjoy your weekend, Char. And the fresh corn. I always love reading about/viewing your culinary delights. :)

  5. Bump-its and side ponys? (Thanks for the link otherwise I'd have no idea what in the world a bump-it was.)

    Just when I think that there's too many people in SF with facial piercings and ear gauges, then I read something like this and realize it's probably better that I live here. ;-)

    Good luck with the quilt. Felt sounds like fun!

  6. omg...that story made me laugh!

    have a great day out and good luck with the quilt!

  7. roasted corn sounds perfect... I'll be right over.
    You crack me up!

  8. I had to check the link to see what these bump-its were! I'd never heard of them.
    What utter lack of class in the restaurant last night. And not only that, but irresponsibility as well. Who was driving home? Gah! Makes me sick and I wasn't even there.
    Your photo is gorgeous. Love the pretty summery bokeh, too!

  9. :)
    it was worth the wait.

    i'm off to the farmers market now, too. i'm on the hunt for a rosemary plant to add to my herb garden.

    that dragonfly shot is amazing.

  10. LOL...what a story. I would have been rolling in my chair. I agree with you...the word "horny" should not be used after freshman year of collage...

    Anyway...hope you get that fresh corn!!!

  11. people can be so trashy sometimes. I have family members like this, hence living in Alaska so far away from family. =0

  12. smiling and nodding ....and did they drive home...scary!

  13. Re: RHoNJ,..all I know is I always want Caroline on MY side forever! Now,.. what is that dragonfly kissing?

  14. haha great story. hope your brother grilled that corn for you - roasted corn sounds great.
    have fun with the quilt. you just might get addicted to quilting.

  15. Love that photo of the dragonfly!...Who's driving was my first thought too...I'm feeling sorry for the children!

  16. Char, you really hit on one of my biggest bug-a-boos! I loathe overhearing intimate conversations! Between two people or between a person and their cell phone, especially with the weird ear-thingy. I always think they're talking to me. Anyway, I digress. Yeah, my first thought was who's driving. Poor kids, hope they made it home safely. Now I have to go look at the link for bump-its.

  17. First, I say "Yay yay" to Charlie Brown
    lopsided blankies! Remember, all that
    means is that it has character. I would
    have hated to be in your shoes with the
    two bimbos going on as they did. They
    give the rest of humanity a bad name. ;oP

  18. Hilarious story, and yes I felt for the children...not exactly what they need to be hearing....nor should any of us be subjected to it....The photo is beautiful and I will be buying corn today. good idea. take care, cinner...good luck with the quilt.

  19. Oh, Char. The way you tell these stories, I feel like I am sitting there going through all of it with you. Those dames sound perfectly frightful. Sorry they ruined your dinner. We had a similar experience not too long ago. Some people are just so into themselves that it wouldn't even occur to them how horrendous and disruptive their behavior is.

  20. Happy Saturday. Love the story and amazing dragonfly.

  21. did you like the movie? i loved it. ; )

    dragonflies... bliss.


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