September 12, 2008


I love that word...aftermath...sounds wicked and cruel something major happened. Well, I guess ant bites are not in the category of "major" but my left foot and leg are dotted with these angry white welts (yeah, nice visual, right?). It feels like ants continue to crawl around on my leg. In the meantime, John Cafferty is talking about the darkside.

Eddie & the Cruisers - remember that movie? I freaking loved it. That's why I have this song on my i-Pod. Gotta love the kicky beat and saxophone, right? I loved the movie so much that I even went to see the lame sequel, "Eddie Lives." Ugh - that was right up there with the sequel to Saturday Night Fever. But, at least that one gave me one of the best cheesy lines ever - "Who do you think your dealing with? Some little groupie who jumps when you call, is that who you think I am? We met, we made it what do you think it was true love? And you say I used you but what about you using me? Everybody uses everybody, don't they?" Love the seriously, poorly delivered line Finola.

Did you ever listen to that group, Big Head Todd and the Monsters? They were great - wonder what happened to them. Some groups can make a living forever on a one hit wonder and some guys can just walk away and live another life. Say, like Bobby Sherman...he was huge back in the day and he's a paramedic now? How big of an adjustment is that?

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