September 8, 2008

these dreams

I'm beginning to wonder what the hell is wrong with me, well except for generic "age" thing - I seem to ache all the damn time these days. I hate to hear the sound of my respirations and my back seems to be hunched in that constant hunch from general displeasure. I would go to the doctor, except I don't really have a specific reason....besides, I ache.

Where I didn't used to dream - suddenly my brain has opened up and I'm plagued by remembering so many little dreams now. A floodgate of weirdness has opened up and poured out unto my technicolored blanket I had previously pulled tightly around me. Dreams swirl in and out - making no sense and then, suddenly I hear a voice in the back of my mind going, "Oh! that's what that was all about." A never ending Rockette line of kicks and punches to the brains' kidneys.

I carried my new tripod around this weekend like a bodybag - searching for new opportunities, but it was so humid that my hair stuck to the back of the neck like seaweed. The waiting line at the botanical gardens was long as photographers all seemed too lazy to venture much further afield. I made big plans to drive about an hour away - but, those plans were washed away in the thick southern humidity of the afternoon.

I napped - wrapped again in my pink coverlet with the box fan roaring it's white noise over my overly taxed brain. This time - I didn't dream....and awoke to the dark of the evening. Another weekend wasted away and trudging away until Monday. A day of receipts and calculations...of playing the game with the corporate world. What was that saying my dad had? Oh yeah - war is hell or some such crap. (I really mean, "you got to go along sometimes to get along.") I like that song Blue Monday instead.

But....I did start the day with strawberry preserves from the Loveless can't be all bad now can it?


  1. You can never go wrong with fruit from the Loveless. It may not cure what ails you, but it does magical things to toast. (and biscuits!)

  2. Ah ha, I was wondering where you got off to. Did you hit all four corners of the globe, or just the bright spots?

    BTW ~ Loved that water lily pic. Don't they have a wireless shutter remote now?

  3. Kids can't be the only ones who have phases. You'll grow out of this one - it's one of the benefits of being old *grin*


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