September 25, 2008

Stevie's got nothing on me

I'm light-headed and drunk on a caffeine overdose - I've had the gamut this morning: soda, coffee and tea. I can't seem to stop drinking even though I feel as if my helium filled brain will float away leaving me abandoned in this black hulk of my office chair. Everything has this pink hazed look of soft focus and I can't seem to pull my thoughts into any coherent order.

I need to finish up some projects as I'm taking a day off for a change. But....words look like jumbles and papers seem to dance just beyond my fingertips. Is there a cure for this or do I have to ride this tide of jitters and a slightly numb tip of my nose?

Maybe they should clear the stage because I feel a chorus of "Born Free" breaking loose in my chest, elbowing and shoving to get to the surface. And then I blush....I'm a really suck-ass singer as anyone in my family will tell you. I bellow like a wounded moose and my dancing these days looks more like the death throes of some headless chicken. But, sometimes we need that spastic release of shame - the un-rhythmic dervish twirls and Fleetwood's off beat pound of our internal drum.

Only then will I hide back in my office....refusing to show my face and getting back to work. It's only moments away.


  1. I make it a point to sing AND dance evertime I stand at the copy machine.

    People come to expect it, and clear out when they see you coming, leaving you free to trip doing the moonwalk and hit the enlarge button without anyone thinking you're a spaz.

    Trust me on this.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.