September 16, 2008

yep yep

yep...tomorrow I will be at the beach. that is making today drag by in tiny little increments of boredom and mindnumbing sleepiness. so far, I've edited some shots, looked up the prices of a canon 40d versus the new 50d to come out soon, and paid bills. maybe I should get around to actual work soon?'s lunch time., back from lunch and I still need motivation after the carb overload. I'll be kicking my own ass now.


  1. OK, I'm jealous. I just found out I'm spending the rest of the week doing daycare by myself, plus a "sub -to be name later today" LAME, LAME , LAME. M's got jury duty the rest of the week. You guy's suck. I still love you though.

    Have fun.

  2. i desperately need malt vinegar and fries now... i miss those flavors.


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