September 16, 2008


Again she looked in the mirror, “it never ends” and plucked another gray hair. “Soon I will be going bald.” The bathroom was in disarray, clothes scattered like buckshot and a pile of shoes where she kicked them in the corner. A fine red powder settled over the scene like Martian dust. A fast blush over the cheeks and a determined nod of the head.

The cat jumped up on the side of sink to take a sip of the water dripping from the faucet which she impatiently tried to tighten, again. The old apartment was losing it’s luster – aging like her, no longer the fun, cheap, kitchy place but just old. The window wheezed as it spat icy blasts of stale air. “Come on Fall….come on.”

Another day slowly klugged to life.


  1. Don't pluck the grey ones. Welcome them with open arms.

    I read this week that aging is a priviledge - perhaps we should remember that more often....

  2. Foxxx is right, just take a look at my MS page. Plucking can get out of hand and the whole "don't worry it"ll always grow back" line, bullshit!
    Besides aging is not only a privilege, it also beats the hell out of the alternative.

    How was the beach?


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