September 11, 2008

damn fire ants

Ouch....*curses*....really, freaking ouch. I was not hungry today at lunch so I decided to grab the camera for a bit of luncheon bokeh. There is an old park near the office that was built by an ancestor of mine - I had no clue until I read the history of the park during a recent blues festival. Anyway...I randomize.

So, walking around under beautiful, fluffy and bright clouds and gazing at sweet pink tea roses, I stepped into the southern punishment of fire ants. Damn it - before I knew it they were crawling up my left foot and calf before I could register "what is that burning, stinging sensation?"

Holy moley crap - they still burn and I'm fighting the good fight not to scratch them. But, man does it make me grumpy and grouchy. *sigh*


  1. I highly recommend vodka. Please feel free to add as much as required inside and out.

  2. Ouch! I guess you have to suffer for your art! I love Foxxx's remedy! I'll have to try it for my mosquito bites!

  3. LOL I like that remedy too. who cares about the stinging then????

  4. umm, ouch! Hope you are feeling better.

    -BTW- that's NOT the best way to start a weekend.


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