September 16, 2008

the key

So I was reading "O" this month. Shut up - I like the magazine. Anyway - there is always a column or essay from some famous this or that talking about their "aha" moment. That moment of clarity. This month, it was Dana Delaney. She was telling a story about going to a spa where she has gone quite a few times before and she got a steam session, again, as she has before. She stepped into the cabinet and the attendent left the room. Suddenly the room started closing in on her and she felt panic - as she reached for the handle, there wasn't one.

She was freaking out - panic became full blown as she tried to think how to get out of the cabinet. Her pulses raced and fear was beyond control. At that moment, the attendent walked back and Dana told her she felt uncomfortable. The attendent reached over and lifted the door. Turns out there was no latch because all the person in the cabinet had to do was push open the door.

Goes right back to my favorite lyric - So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains And we never even know we have the key.

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