September 24, 2008

nothing much I thought

I thought I had something to say....but it turns out I didn't really. Thoughts seem to be this twisted jumble of wire and synapses misfiring and looping with no clear pattern or terminal destination. I sat outside at lunch today with a friend. We went to a park where there is a pond and on the pond live a family of mutant ducks. They are probably the ugliest ducks you've ever seen with fleshy, scarlet head coverings and dull brown feathers. But with them today, were a little flock of fuzzy, yellow and gray ducklings. cue "awwwwws"

As we sat in the cool, light breeze under the shade of the pinleaf oak, we watched the ducklings - one breaking off from the pack and paddling furiously to the opposite end of the pond. His little fluffy feather ruffling slightly in the breeze he was kicking up. His tiny legs were working and if ducks sweat, I could see it glistening on his beak. He was a superstar, a show-off, a daring adventurer - the Calvin of the pond. His mother calmly watched from the bank until he got further than he needed to go...and she reined him in.

He was happy to rejoin the pack - swimming along momma, happy and joyful. I could hear him talking the entire pass by our bench. I was great huh? huh mom? And yes, I thought how like a lesson this was....learning to break free of the pack and try new things. It seems to easy to see that in nature. I could have sat there another two or three hours. This is the beginning of my favorite time. Will the ducks winter over here or will they fly on once the ducklings get bigger? Will the poor loner duck with stunted wings make it through the winter? Will my loves be okay this year? Or the next.

I think about those things as I sit there thinking I'm thinking about nothing really. I think about a lot in my nothing.

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  1. I can completely relate - I think a large amount, but give little thought to one topic. Its like that cannon thing at fairs that you aim with handles on the side, trying to shoot tennis balls at bottom-heavy bowling pins dressed up as clowns.

    Most of them go hurtling off into nowhere with great force and speed, but every now and then you hit the clown on the nose.

    All coffee and no sleep make PC a nonsenical girl.


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