September 20, 2008

I told myself....I can made do with the cheaper one, it's no big deal. So, it's bigger,'s ok, really - you won't be able to tell a thing. Boy was I wrong.

The new camera came out of the box today along with the new macro lens. The color is just blowing me away straight out of the camera with no tweaks. This is what I've been missing with my poor little rebel.


  1. Yep! I love my macro lens too. I can't wait to see all the things you do with your new toy! Enjoy!

  2. Lovely....I am jealous in a happy-for-you kind of way.

    Do you develop yourself as well?

    And who is this person above that's totally counterfeiting my name?

  3. LOL I just noticed that - I thought maybe you were related?

    but...the comment made me think of the line in "Real Genius"

    "I'm happy and sad for you"....I know, doesn't quite fit, but - I'm weird that way

  4. I was so in love with Val Kilmer back then - I didnt really take notice of the lines themselves....

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