September 2, 2008

Boobies are big in Nashville

Is it sad that two of the funniest things that happened on this weekend's road trip involved sex? Monday morning as we were making our way to Loveless Cafe we passed a hooker either gearing up for her day or winding down for her night - it was 8:00 a.m. so it was hard to tell, right? She was, as my daddy would say, "tore up from the floor up" in her tight jeans, boots and zip-up halter top. As we passed by, she approached one of the workman changing the light bulbs at the hotel we were leaving.

My sister yelled for me to slow down so she could see what was happening as the hooker reached into her top and showed the guy her boob (flipped him her tit we said). As I circled the block - they disappeared....she apparently is a fast but thorough negotiator. We were impressed by the Nashvegas hooker. Of course this was after being directed to Loveless Cafe by the desk clerk who had come straight to work from a "gig" in her stage make-up and clothes....yeah. It is a music city baby.

As we drove back to Birmingham - we passed the well named, "Boobie Bungalow". Don't cha just want to be the headliner there? I guess it's a better name than say, "Tits Tavern" or "Ta-Ta's Galore" or "Breasts Nest"? We snickered like six-year olds for an hour on that one.


  1. Hooray for boobies!!! and for the weird shit you can see if you are just paying attention. Sounds like good clean fun ;^)

  2. Geez, what hotel were you staying in? I've lived here for 7 years and never seen a hooker. But, now...I sort of want to go see!

  3. Glad you got away, Char. The photos are fabulous as well.


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