September 13, 2008

natural disasters

yesterday gas jumped 53 cents in the matter of a few hours while southern Texas hunkered down and waited. this morning, while I slept safety people feared for their lives and now, as I sit sipping coffee and watching the cooking channel, people wonder when they will have power again. what a difference a few hundred miles make.

I'm lucky to live where I do - far enough north not to be badly effected by hurricanes, close enough to hills not to get much of the tornado stuff, on the top of a hill so that flooding is not an's just mostly hot and humid. And of course, the largest perk - no snow. I always wonder why people persist to live in constant worry of natural disasters - earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tornadoes...blizzards. what is that thing that keeps us clinging to things that bring us danger? is it - we are afraid of change? is it, maybe - we like the place except for that occasional three weeks of no power and no water? or, do we in whatever situation crave the feeling of overcoming our environment?

life to me is dangerous and hazardous enough without adding to a bad situation. tornadoes of work chaos erupt without warning with no bunker to hide, earthquakes of relationships that shake our foundations and volcanoes of accidents can spew...give me shelter.

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  1. No hurricanes for me, thank you very much! I'll take good old dependable Minnesota winters any day. Bitter cold for days on end and snow everywhere & often . . . these I can handle. If nothing else, we like to think our weather keeps the riffraff out.

    Today we're waiting anxiously for news from Jessica and Nate, good friends of my daughter's, who live in Houston and chose not to evacuate. Keep them in your prayers please!


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