January 11, 2009

and then came Sunday

After the deluge of rain, there had been a faux spring in the south with birds chirping and trees peeking forth tiny leaves. Buds were spotted beginning to pop open and daffodils were spotted shaking out their ruffled heads.


The sky was clear and gorgeous. You could smell the clean scent of fresh earth, a bubble of joy burst from my lips in a gasp when looking at the rebirth, the renewal of hope.

green and blue

I spied a small pot of miniature iris at the grocery and of course they had to be mine. I put them in a small white concrete pot that I've been saving for just the perfect occasion.

iris high key

Yesterday the rain began, but it was still warm. I wandered in and out of antique and thrift stores, searching for a bit of pretties to brighten my day. I've been obsessed with aqua lately, looking for exactly the right shade for my new bedroom.

The evening was lovely with snacks of goat cheese spread, fresh french bread, blackberries and a lovely pinot grigo. I felt cosmopolitan, nay - maybe even slightly French...perhaps Belgian. It was a satisfying end to a week.

But then Sunday comes. The temperature has dropped in 24 hours from 63 to 37. And while in the great scheme of things, that's not that bad...it's harsh on a southern Belgian girl. The day is gray and overcast. The cat has decided that he must throw up in places where it's difficult to clean up. I forgot to put leftovers in the fridge last night, which in a way worked out...because - The fridge popped up (it's circa 1960) during the night and began to defrost. My hair is a mess and I realized I purchased two pairs of sweat pants instead of a sweatshirt and pants. (shut it - it's better than jammies in this cold apartment) I have boxes to pack and food to cook now that the fridge decided to defrost.

But...the irises are unaware of the horribly bad, exhausting, yucky, poopy-headed day. They are blooming like crazy and may perhaps serve as a reminder that despite it all, we choose our happiness. *wipes hair out of face* I guess I better get to it.



  1. what a wonderful post. i love your images of new growth - it's really right around the corner. even though on this cold day it doesn't seem so.
    the iris look like pure spring time - lovely shot.
    curious - is that aqua green in the second photo pure or did you adjust something in PS? it's very pretty

    by the way i really appreciate your critique on my painting. sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see things we miss. i totally agree with your suggestions on fixing the lemon. it was bothering me too.

  2. LOVE the irisis!

    And btw, V and I both stayed in our pjs allll day today! It was just one of those days!

  3. oh wow the clours in these photos! gorgeous

  4. SYW - I'm so glad that my suggestions may have helped! I wish I had the talent to paint.

    Jenny - yeah, it was exactly that kind of day here too.

    CCC - thank you!!!

  5. Sigh...love this post. As if your photography wasn't beautiful and inspiring enough, I go and find you have magical words to accompany them.

  6. Ugh. Sorry about the cat barf. I've been dealing with dog barf. Yuck.

    Well, just keep looking at those gorgeous irises and know that Spring is around the corner!

  7. Hair ball... ewwwie!
    suggestion try honeycomb with goat cheese... it's to die for... love it!

    Also, I'm very jealous of your photos... dammit to hell that my lenses are broken...

  8. sorry your lens are broken!! I would go crazy

  9. Lovely post! Sundays have become a refuge for me, friends, him, the pupp, a walk...well a slice of baguette with goat cheese and a glass of wine always helps!

  10. mmmmmmmmmm, makes me want to go buy a fresh loaf it's so wonderful

  11. I hear we are infor a artic blast... dare we call it snow?

  12. Gorgeous photos! Hope the weather gets better soon :)

  13. char first you are now on my blog roll so I do not miss anymore of your random life moments..pure joy for the eye...and days like this are fleeting ~ cheers to the iris!!

  14. LOL...isn't it funny how life sorta smacks you upside the head when you're feeling all warm and happy inside? I think it keeps our perspective aligned, so that we can be truly grateful for those little precious moments that might otherwise be overlooked.

    And yeah, what's with cats (and of course dogs) vomiting like 6 inches onto a rug that's surrounded by tile? I guess that's why we love them, eh? :)

  15. Chris - I know, right??? I mean mine can sit that and stare at me while he does it. crazy.

    Elk - Yay!! thanks for dropping by.

    DC - :)

    Sandi - NOOOO, no snow! LOL shhhh

  16. oh, wow. irises are my favorite flower! what a wonderful picture! (they are all good)

    i did a watercolor of an iris once—from a photo i had taken. i named the painting Delicate Trooper, because this is what my husband used to call me because he saw me as soft and delicate, but also strong and able to withstand a lot. that is how i see irises. i loved this post, Char!

  17. :) i just LOVE your blog!

  18. Beautiful photographs - just what I needed this morning!

  19. "despite it all, we choose our happiness" -- a wise lesson we don't always recognize. Absolutely beautiful photos -- especially that gorgeous liquid aqua sky!

  20. Gorgeous! I love the blue in the second photo.

  21. Loved the photographs, beautiful :)


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