January 16, 2009

oh my bags are packed...i'm ready to go

get outta town

Okay, not so much really. I'm still in the midst of packing and ending the current life in Birmingham. It's an overwhelming task to someone like me that absolutely hates change. Yes, yes, yes - I know cognitively that change is one of the few things you can count on, like death and taxes. But maybe that's why I hate it so much - I mean, come on - it's rep is tied up with "death" and "taxes". It's bound to not be the most popular kid in school, right?

And I know people that love change. And they see it as an adventure. Silly people. Oops, did I just type that? No, really - I admire them. As for me, I'm a creature of habit, habits that die hard. I'm a nester (cancerian trait) and I love my things around me. So...this is difficult.

Plus, who left the freezer door open and could they possibly close it? My toes have frozen solid and the cat is in a perpetual state of fluffiness. He has decided that my bottom is the furnace of choice and I can't sit without him firmly attaching himself there. If I push him to the side, he give me that bateful look like I killed his pet rat or something. I would assign him a human voice but then you might be convinced I've developed winter crazy.

But...deep in my heart I'm glad I'm moving home. Last night was one of my sweet brother's birthday and I missed it. We orphans stick together and I felt sad that I wasn't there to eat cake and laugh with the sibs. I'm sure the LBGs (little blonde girls) were adorable too. I'm sure GA did something quite grown-ey (a southernism perhaps) and everyone laughed.

I'm finding bits and pieces of things I really love. Cookbooks full of recipes that I've forgotten about. Yesterday I made the most simple but yummy chicken quesadillas from a Cooking Light cookbook. I re-read the poems of W.H. Auden and remembered how much I love the poem "Underneath An Abject Willow". Today I will probably read from e.e. cummings. I'm trying to decide if I actually need to keep these 300 or so cds that I have loaded onto my iPod.

So, let me put on another pot of coffee. Flavored this time. And I will put on a pot of soup later today. And I will plug on and on and on. Maybe today will warm so I can get outside and play a bit - this staying inside tends to make me a bit morose, no? Yes.


  1. Change is good!! Status quo doesn't work forever...! But I'm a Kate, remember?!! Uggh - still -5 degrees here at 1PM.. Cabin fever is setting in!!! Enjoy unearthing those treasures!!

  2. I've only ever moved cities once in my life. I was petrified. But it was the best decision I ever made.
    I found you through shutter sisters.

  3. char I love the image of the vintage luggage and your words just resonate!

    etri...but I am easily confused...where are you know and where are you moving to?

  4. I think I'm a bit like you in that I don't particularly like change either, so I have a quote up on my desktop that says
    "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always be where you've already been."

  5. I'm a sag so i love change and optimism... I'm sure you'll fit right back in to wherever you might be headed.
    I love the processing of your photo... very nostalgic.

    Mind plays with emotions when left unentertained by the outside world... I believe that's why I also went through all the old poetry of mine and albums... *sigh* spring are you near?

  6. I know it's weird leaving there and heading for home, but the comfort you'll find there will help enormously.

    This made me smile in that whole "I know she'll be okay" way.

  7. I hear ya about the cold! The dogs won't leave me alone, like they're cold and need my warmth! At least today is a balmy 23, rather than in the negative numbers :)

    I like that pic too!

  8. i'm excited for you—for a change. i think good things are to come.

    what a beautiful picture to go with this post. such lovely muted colors.

  9. I moved back home about two years ago. It is different. Very different. Of course, I don't know your whole story or who lives "back home" for you but it takes adjustment. It has many wonderful aspects to it though. I'd love to hear more about your move.

    Cheers. :)


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