January 28, 2009

the in between

I had a thought yesterday while I was driving about the change from winter to spring - the combination of death and life in this weird warmish/coldish winter that we're having in Alabama. It has been in the 50's one week and the the fridge door gets opened and temperatures drop. So, in the midst of death I can see the first brave robins peeking in, squirrels developing a scamper in their step, and the harbingers of spring opening in the shapes of hyacinth and daffodils. Quince is peeking out fuzzy buds surrounded by thorns.

And it strikes me that I'm also in the great in between. That waiting period for winter to end and spring to begin. There are harbingers of good in my life but dead bits and pieces are being slowly routed out.

Hope spring comes to you too.
bakery window

yesterday's hydrangea


life is just a bowl of cherries

On a side note - I'm very excited to enter into a new project with my friend, Leaca, called "Far North ~ Deep South". It's a photography adventure between two women from different corners of the world. We're the same...only different. Hope you drop by sometime to see what we're up to on the new blog. Far North ~ Deep South


  1. very exciting all the way around...the photos...the blooms... the blog ...a treat!

  2. i agree with ELK. there is excitement in the air for sure. can't wait to see what you two talented girls do with your blog.

  3. Of course i'll follow love the inspiration. Fantastic processing.

    Looking forward to spring here in TX as well. This up and down crud needs to go.

  4. love, love that top picture.
    birds have been going nuts here the last few days, I'm assuming, happily, that it's the flight back up from the south & means spring is just around the corner.
    love the north, south idea, will definitely visit, have you seen 2 girls 2 click, they are east coast, west coast?

  5. Hope springs eternal and eternal comes the spring.

  6. yay for spring, although it is in the 70's in los angeles so we don't get a knock 'em sock 'em type of winter. and i am so down with those cherries. fantastic!

  7. Fantastic choice of photos! And congrats on your collaboration! What I remember about my three years in Tuscaloosa was the amazing spring. The summer was pretty intolerable, but oh my god, the scent of the blossoms in a warm spring night and the haze around the full moon was almost more than my heart could stand!

  8. I love that first picture. I really want to sit at that chair and read for a bit (your blog, of course).

    Anna xxx

  9. I need to come up with another adjective for your photos because "gorgeous" is getting tired.

    These images are so true and perfect. And I want those cherries.

    I can't wait to see your new blog. I know it will be wonderful. Now you've made me wish for Spring to be here soon, too.

  10. Beautifully written - absolutely lovely words laced together.

    Hopefully Spring is not too far off, and mother nature closes that huge "fridge door" (great expression)!

    You can have some of our heat!!

    Looking forward to your phototaphy project too!

  11. Digging the chair and the cherries, Char. I will head to the new place, directly.

  12. I LOVE that first photo.. it would make a wonderful Fifi painting!
    BTW... you won a painting via Fifiby's Art Auction... if you would email me... I will send you details... soooo I can ship you you're paintings!

  13. how exciting! you and Leaca are two of the best photographers i have seen! this should be amazing! i can't wait to check it out.

    beautiful photos, by the way.

    also, you are such a dear girl to always visit even when i have been missing in action. things are crazy for me right now, so it means a lot when you stop by and leave a comment.

    i can now identify so much more with you and what you recently went through, as i am going through it now, too. thank you for your encouragement.

  14. Love, Love, LOVE those photos! So beautiful!

    You are lucky to be seeing signs (however small) of spring! I'm afraid it will be awhile yet for us in NJ... :(

    Heading over now to see the new site. Looking forward to more terrific pics!

  15. I'm scared that all of the signs will be killed on Monday as snow is predicted (I'm hoping for rain instead). I better do my anti-snow dance.

  16. Those are gorgeous shots. It looks like spring might be closer to you than it is to me right now.

  17. These photos are incredibly beautiful! I'll definitely be checking out the new blog! :)

  18. I'll have to pop in your new blog~ I'm ready for spring too... but you now we really don't have room to complain!

  19. LOVE your photos, and love how you composed them!

  20. ...and waiting -for spring or for anything beautiful and exciting to arrive - is about the hardest thing to do...

    good morning char..

  21. beautiful photos, as usual :-)

    thanks for checking out my post.

    road trips kick ass.

  22. Great photos! Today in the Northwest was warm - feels like spring. I can't wait!

  23. Oh goodness! Simply divine. I love love love these. Have you ever considered making a photography book? :)


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