January 9, 2009


Celebrate the solitude. It knows your name.
It baths you in the moonlight and you dream.
It allows yearning, knowing what you will and will not do.
The shadows of your heart slip away into the past.Longing becomes familiar.

Step into the mirror.

You become -
the one incomplete
the one completed
the one blind
the one all seeing

Waking you are at the end of your past.
Be happy.
Realize happy is desired.
Embrace what you do not know. Run along the path and face the sun.
New, rejoiced, smiling - reborn.

Do your best, think the best and let go.

My tribute to a little known artist - Cooper Edens.


  1. Oh Char, what a beautiful photo (as always)...
    Beautiful thoughts to go along...
    have a happy Friday!

  2. this photo is amazing as are the words...thank you for doing what you do...xo t

  3. lovely! i needed that!

  4. Amazing capture...speechless...

    That poem is so true, so clear, so simple...inspiring.

  5. thanks you all! :) I love getting out there and finding new things with my camera.

  6. those words......
    those wonderful words..........

  7. Wow...looks almost like a little snake rising up from the earth. Beautiful, as are the words.

  8. you're the 2nd person to say snake I totally see that now. thanks so much

  9. "Embrace what you do not know. Run along the path and face the sun."

    Wow. That needs to be a bumper sticker on my brain. I am going to memorize that.


  10. Stunningly perfect images -- the photo and the words.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.