January 29, 2009

because my sister said so

JM challenged me today...she thinks I've been Debbie Downer in blogland so she challenged me to be funny. The thing is, I think I'm funny...I'm just not a funny writer. I make witty retorts and I can riff on a theme...but I don't bring the funny. I have other friends that do that so very well. I can barely remember to tell the punch lines to jokes well. So...a funny posting for JM (my sister).

Let's see...(notice the stalling elipses here)...yeah, no. Don't have it. My humor is weird and quirky - when I laugh, I laugh loud. I believe in the power of laughter. When I'm embarrassed, I also laugh. It's cool, right? It's easier to be the class clown than be the embarrassed one. I as always the bestie in high school to my guy friends. That way, if I didn't get a date - it was cool because I was the buddy. I would like to think it's like Watts to Keith and that I would end up with the diamond earrings AND the boy. But, I bought my own diamond earrings instead.

I think I'm a situational funny girl. Or, I'm funny when talking about how unironic Alanis' "Ironic" is....it seems she mostly just had really bad luck. That was funny.

Funny: Tropic Thunder, Kevin Smith, Calvin and Hobbs, little children, tripping (as long as you do not hurt yourselr), the self absorbed, blind-folded musical chairs, George Carlin, The Big Bang Theory, models that believe in their own publicity, Richard Prior, my neices and nephews, some fashion faux pas, Jack Lemmon and Cary Grant, and well-timed, well-played sarcasm.

Not Funny: Will Farrell (recently), clowns, war, starvation, inflation, poverty and abuse (okay those were easy), Larry the Cable Guy, overused phrases like 'git her done', Prince Valiant, people that brag about their accomplishments, re-runs of Roseanne or anything with Rosie O'Donnell, booty calls at 3:00 a.m., or toilet paper stuck to your shoe, being cruel to get a laugh.

I'm sure I'm over looking something.

I went driving again today. Looking for the different and the not so usual. This new collaboration is a good challenge for me as I have to shoot more often. I also won some fabulous textures today (thank you Joy!) that I was dying to play with..so off in search of new subjects. Along the way I found:

A house falling down a hill
falling down

A closed store that used to sell hay

And a beautiful bit of sunshine


  1. The photos are incredible and you even ended your post with light. If if you aren't the funniest blogger in blogville, it seems you found a ray of optimism ;-)

  2. Ugh! I left a long comment and blogger ate it.

  3. Well, that worked.

    I'm not coming here to be entertained, so don't think you have to be funny for me!
    You are who you are and right now things are a bit off-kilter. They'll get back on track, but until then, write what you feel.
    I come here for your photography, your well-written posts and for inspiration. Because you inspire me.
    Take care today. These photos are gorgeous. And like the commenter before me said, you ended with light . . .

  4. I am with Country Girl. Be yourself because that is what it is all about. We keep coming back because of all of you not just the optimistic bits. Keep being beautiful!

  5. I love old barns and buildings with the old wood and patina. Beautiful.

  6. I don't find you being a Debbie-Downer at all. I just think you're very introspective and you trust us enough to let us see some of your doubts and fears at a troubling time.

    Your photography just keeps getting better and more beautiful all the time.

  7. You are uniquely Char and that is better than lots of other people. As for the funny...I've always thought you were funny. But what do I know. :)

    Hey! Love the house falling down the hill.

  8. I found this post funny. But then again, I don't laugh at clowns either.

    As always, your photography is perfect.

  9. :) thanks y'all. Kurt, the blogging buddy that has known me the longest... YOU bring the funny my friend. I'm funny when I'm around you because you make me laugh (and sometimes cry - in a good way ... so it balances out).

  10. You mean you haven't been trying to be funny at times? Ok maybe it's my sense of humor that's off track then, because some of your posts make me laugh.
    On your funny: I love The Big Bang Theory that show cracks me up but then again so does Two and Half Men so I'm just weird.
    On your not funny: I'm not a huge fan of Larry the Cable Guy either but I do like Rodney Carrington. And Ron "tater salad" White doesn't make the cut either.

    I'm jealous of your texture win, I'll have to buy them as soon as extra dinero comes my way! They look fun especially with what you did with them and how Joy presented them...

  11. i'd love to join you on one of your photo adventures. seems you're finding some great places. love the old house and what you did to it with textures.

  12. :) we actually live close enough to have an adventure! wouldn't that be fun? We will have to plan that. I come to Atlanta and McDonough often enough because I have friends there.

  13. Sunshine's always welcome !

  14. your post made me chuckle char your photos made me swoon....great driving shots!

  15. hi..I'm looking at your pictures again...
    you know what? when I'm done with day work and feeling so tired and a bit grumpy, visiting blogs where I am a follower makes me forget the day's ennui (day jobs mostly are boring..well, mine is) and I always start with ramblins...

    today's photo of the sun peeping through the tree trunks made me nostalgic about a place I once lived in and loved...all because I made a shot almost like that only, yours is more beautiful..

  16. I don't think you are a Debbie Downer at all. I think you are brave and honest. And a terrific writer and photographer.

    That house falling down the hill made me gasp. Beautiful! Very reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth. And the others are gorgeous, too.

    Oh, and I LOVE Big Bang Theory. :)

  17. Char, I keep running out of adjectives for your photography. Beautiful doesn't do it justice. I love sunbursts (as you probably figured out) and that last shot is awesome. I also love the textural effects you added to the other pix (as you also know). You are truly a daily inspiration to me, and I'm so fortunate to have made friends with you :)

  18. I am so similar!! I don't want to sound conceited here, but I can't seem to translate my witty quips from real conversations into the blogosphere - shall we make it our joint goal? To translate our funniness to the net? Haha

    Also some more to add to the list:
    Funny: 30 Rock - Liz Lemon
    Not Funny: Those spoof movies trying to be like the first scary movie - it's such an old concept now!!

  19. From one 'grump' to another (thanks for finding me and saying Hi!) I think bloggers who try too hard to be funny are like those men at parties who trap you in the kitchen and lean over you until you laugh at their 'jokes'; you just got to let it come naturally; a bit of wry, dry wit goes a lot further than a superficial, look-at-me attempt at a belly laugh! I've only just found your blog and I'm going to have a good scroll through 'cos it looks fab, but looks to me that you get it just right! Maz:)


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