January 21, 2009

brain soup

7 Words

I've laid low because I haven't had much to say since Sunday - too much whirling in my brain. Yesterday was emotional and swirled together a myriad of camp stew makings. When spirits are so low, we are filled with such hope and dreams...but the practical nature that I have and my experience in government reminds me the road to recovery is quite long. And, I hope that we can keep this surge of hope, expectancy and pride going during the upcoming tough times.

One of the informal resolutions I've made for the new year is not to buy take out food, except on the rare occasions that I'm out in a group or something like that. My friends all teased me in the past because I would always call from the take out line at the fast food restuarant of the day. I got lazy because I was complacent. Not that I can't cook - it just got easy and boring when I was only cooking for myself. Well, now I have all the time in the world to cook....and, I've rediscovered that I love it. Today I made a lovely pot of soup (summer corn, potato and ham chowder). It's warm and comforting when faced with the cold, brisk weather outside.

Today I ran errands - I like errands these days as they give me a sense of purpose. I packaged DVDs and chatted with the ladies in the post office about our favorite television shows while she weighed and stamped my packages. They're being sent parcel post, which I think loosely translates to pony express second week mail. Except for the one going to Atlanta. It's cheaper to go first class for some reason there.

The scan is one that I did a couple of years ago when someone asked me to write seven works about "me". The final word, "peace", is constant treasure that I search for, then and now. It always seems to me that as hard as we struggle - objects are placed in our path. Just when you think you have smooth sailing, well then the rock falls again. Some of the rocks we place in our own path and some are discoveries. All are lessons. I keep repeating "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger." It also makes me neurotic, impatient, anxious, and spastic at times - to the point that I randomly blurt out loud words at myself while trying to move stacks that keep falling over. But, it is also making me frugal, thrifty, adventurous, giving and thankful. So, an even trade-off.

PS - My friend, Leaca, finished her interview! Click on her name to follow to her answers.


  1. I hope my comment went through, and I'm not "double commenting you." It was a long one too lol!

    I'll cut it short, thanks for the dvd's...you're a sweetheart, and I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

  2. boo, the first one didn't go through! but, you're welcome.

  3. They're all very great aspirations. If all of use achieved just one, what a great place the world would be.

  4. you are so right Lisa - so right

  5. they are all such great words to live by - keep it up.
    btw, your soup sounds very good - makes me hungry

  6. I get you with that whole 'sense of purpose' thing. Errands are nature's way of saying "Dude. It's time to take a shower."

  7. Hugs!! This too shall pass!! Most of the time, all we have control over is out attitude!!! Love your words!!!
    (on hotel computer!! ... )

  8. Take out food makes you feel icky after you've eaten it, but for some reason it's still so hard to resist. Cooking is great, but getting it started is not.

    Your 7 words are SO much nicer than mine!

    Anna xxx

  9. That picture looks like a recipe for 'life'.

    Your soup sounds wonderful! Soup is my most favorite thing to eat. And as for take-out food, even though I do it sometimes, I would be happier with a bowl of oatmeal and some buttery toast.

  10. Love the seven words - beautiful... esp Peace. Also, what a great post! I feel the same at times and cooking somehow makes it better... and I completely aggree with the errands thing.

    Although when doing errands I always think, "If this was my last day on earth, imagine if I said I spent it running errands?" It would be pointless! Haha

  11. you are a cleaver girl. that dvd thing was genius. i have been guilty of throwing them away. someone is going to kick me for that comment.

    the soup sounds wonderful...take some pics. =]

  12. I agree about peace being a hard one to accomplish. I still struggle with it, almost daily. And being neurotic (like me) doesn't help. But I also agree about errands feeling good. They are little check marks on those ever growing and multiplying lists we make for ourselves :)


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