January 22, 2009

how do you get to Carnegie Hall?

The place is looking more and more like someone is moving out of here. It has that sad, disheveled look to it and I'm reminded why I never really liked the management firm here. Another reason to be happy to move into a home where I can pick wall colors and feel at "home" instead of institutional.

Have you ever tried really hard at something and it just never quite works right? I've been totally fumblefingers this week. Everything I touch just falls to the floor, cracks or something. It is so frustrating. I'm not sure what I'm being told - probably slow down a bit as I rush from thing to thing. Especially pissy? Making a beautiful plate of fajitas and having them drop to the floor face down when you haven't finished wrapping them yet. On the carpeted floor, I might add. Ugh.

Today my inspiration was to take only my macro lens and tripod on a walkabout. I don't care if there is the deadest air in the world, if I pick up my macro lens - immediate gusts permeate the area. Then I can sit and wait, the air calms until I pick the lens back up. What is that? Am I destined not to be a macro photographer? I know it's a weak area for me - it's part of the reason I decided this today - but, it is a challenge.

These are bits and pieces of today







And then, some playing around....

My version of a happy accident
happy accident


  1. i think you got some wonderful shots - no fumblefingers here. i have an extremely hard time with this, but my problem is I forget to bring my tripod.

  2. Love the first one... never fails; damn wind. I often get frustrated and grab the stem or something and then it just looks forced. Thanks for your patience and sharing! Beautiful!

  3. I love your Macro work, but you know that already. The frozen ice is amazing.
    And I think the butterfingers may simply be, as you said, the rush to move out and on. You'll be fine, sweets.


    Think Savannah!

  4. wow some really stunning shots. I'd like to do more of this

  5. these are all great shots. love the grass one.

  6. The pictures are SOOO killer, Char. Wow. A beautiful selection. As to the dropped fajitas, me and my carpet offer our sincere regrets for you. There are fewer things sadder than Mexican food that goes before its time.

  7. Love these pictures, the straw plant against the aqua sky reminds me of your recent attraction to that color, have you looked up the meaning of colors?
    Maybe the wind is teaching you to be still, creating time for you to just breathe. Keep shooting the macro, I enjoy seeing what you capture.

  8. thanks y'all - and Maria you may be right. Sometimes on my daily list I write, "breathe".

    and yes....mexican food that commits suicide is just tragic. I was very sad.

  9. Oh, they are all beautiful shots!!! I hope you are having a chance to slow down and be calm for a few minutes -- find your center and just breathe. :)

  10. myfriend, if that's your weak area, then I am doomed to be nothing more than an enthusiastic snapper.

    We all have times of fumbling. It will pass, when you're relaxed, confident and happy again.

  11. That "happy accident" is STUNNING.. and I mean really really beautiful. Gosh. =)

    Gorgeous images as always!

  12. amazing snaps!! truly inspiring and beautiful :-)

  13. char ~what life filled shots...random is what I live for!
    A M A Z I N G

  14. THESE are amazing!!! I love the ice:)

  15. These are all so beautiful. I am mesmerized by ice shots lately, perhaps because there is an abundance of it to shoot!

  16. A tripod is a must.
    Must get one.

    You'll feel so much better once you are settled and can choose calm and inspiring colours.

  17. hi...

    I just love the pictures.. your bits and pieces (I like that!) Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog. I have posted one today...so there's at least something new to read when you find time..

  18. Hi, I love your site and want to give the Lemonade award for site with best gratitude and/or attitude! For more, check out my blog at http://thisismylife-kat.blogspot.com/

  19. I love that white flower and all its versions. These are lovely, just lovely. And I agree about the macro thing. The wind mysteriously picks up just as I try to take pix and never seems to stop messing with me. But I don't stop trying, lol.

  20. These are terrific shots. I really love the perspective of the second shot. Great work.

    ...and I've been there too! Damn wind!!!

  21. hey char, these are nice photos... i love the ice one! magnificent and elegant! i am an avid macro photographer (though i can hardly type that word "photographer" without cringing at its audacity!)--i love, love, LOVE macro shots! it's so very up-close-and-personal! i love seeing the intricate details of nature--God has such a wonderfully creative hand. talk about the ultimate Artist! :)

    sounds like we all experience that wind phenomenon! i know i do, and i am impatient at times and do what Whirling Dervish said up above...i grab the stem and hold it in place, but that never does work very well either! :)

    keep up the great work! :)

  22. just wanted to say hi..... and that I have been enjoying a great backwards scroll through all of the beautiful photos.....


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