January 7, 2009

i am

A new day...a new way..I feel a bit ablush with my ramblins from around midnight last night. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was the frustrations of the day, maybe it was a bitty bit of a lot. But - hey, I didn't mean to be Debbie Downer.

The sun is out today and I think perhaps a bit of exploring is in order. For those that don't know me, I did this project as part of classwork on self portraits. I'm one of "those" photographers that hates self portraits of herself. You know us...we dodge and duck when a camera turns our way? Yeah..me.

Hope you're having a better day too...and tomorrow is even better than today.


  1. I love days where you take a step back and look at things in a new perspective, and find happiness.
    Good for you!

    I know that kind of photographer, however I am not one of those. I love being in front and behind the camera...it's addictive!

    Lucky you to have sun today. I am in cold New York--cold rain today! Blah!

    Get out there and get some pictures, I love your work and look forward to seeing more! =)

    Keep Smiling!

  2. Lovely shot... with you on the duck & dive mentality!! But I love this, & good to hear the day is "sunny"!

  3. It's good to have those Debbie Downer days... makes the next day seems sunnier... and so it is.

    With you on behind the lens. Makes me very uncomfortable.

  4. i like the photo... a beautiful sunny day always make me feel happy.

  5. you're not a Debbie Downer. you just are real—in good or bad. it's good to see real. and a post like this makes that all that much better!

    so, keep it up—all of it.

    and, yes i'm having a little bit better day, too. it did not start out that way, but it is getting there. :)

  6. I'm with you... I soooooo hate to have my picture taken... I ADORE digital cameras... I can trash photos RIGHT AWAY!

  7. Great project it's turned out to be!

    I used to be like that too (still am in many ways, unless I see a photo I like of me). But I've moved into a different phase where I see it as a sort of documentation of where my life is going this year. I've started a little project about that, so I'm hoping to show everyone when I'm done :)

  8. Greetings from a fellow dodger and ducker.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.