January 18, 2009

candidly speaking

I've sent out all of my interview questions except for one. So as the interviewees start blogging their answers, I'm going to link them up here.

The first...the beautiful and talented lady from VSM Photography. She is a true blue Texan...down to the bottom of her worn cowboy boots.

Next, a new reader, Anna Russell, who made me laugh outloud at her answers. It was great to get to know a new person and I totally agree with her assessment of pirates.

Everyone else - as you answer - please let me know so I can link you up!


  1. Woot! Or should I Woop? (since I am an Aggie and all...)
    I'm actually disappointed in my answers... I never realized how absolutley boring I was... Oh well... at least I have great blog buds to keep my life interesting!

  2. you are so not boring!!! I just love how different everyone is.

  3. Jut found your blog through Kurt's and I think this is a great idea. If you want to interview me, ask away!

    @vsmphotography, I didn't think you were boring at all, I really enjoyed reading your answers.

    Anna xxx

  4. I wish I could change the date on this so it would stay on top. So I added a side bar for everyone to check.


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