March 21, 2009

the most beautiful view is the one I share with you

One of the things I've always wanted came true this weekend....a yard. Yes..silly little thing to most people but I've always wanted a yard where I can sit and watch my flowers grow. Today we did yard work and though it has a way to go, it was a beautiful start and a gorgeous day.

I bought phlox, pincushions, salvia, mini carnations (I forget their "real" name) and vinca. I also bought several others that I can't remember their name. Of course I overbought so I will have to buy a new planter to finish planting tomorrow. I also bought herbs...I've never had an herb garden before. I bought lavender, basil, marjoram, thyme and parsley. A small start. I want some pineapple sage but I think I will have to find a specialty place for that one.

IMG_6180-polacolors it will look better when it fills in and blooms

Strawberries were gloriously red at the market so I had some for breakfast along with a fat red pear. I thought it was a fitting breakfast for the first Saturday of spring.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

The most beautiful view is the one I share with you



Now it's evening and I'm looking out of my glorious window. The golden sunlight is hitting the lime colored leaves of the chinaberry tree and squirrels are scampering up and down the trunk. The world seems peaceful and perfect. And though I know it's not perfect everywhere, it leaves me serene and blissful just to sit here and stare. I haven't had many words of wisdom lately and I wish I could pull something profound of my head now....but, maybe this is what it is for now. And I find myself alright with that. There is not a cloud in the sky and maybe that's an indicator for no clouds on my immediate horizon.


  1. What a peaceful and sweet post! I loved reading of your quiet joy in such a "small" thing as a yard. And those photos, especially the last two, are SO beautiful! Have a great weekend, Char!

  2. Oh, why do you think you need something 'profound' when this is such a perfect post as is?!
    I feel as if I can see the little squirrels running up and down the trunk as the light fades with a golden glow. How exciting for you that you have a yard! And all those plantings are going to make some beautiful photos in the future.
    I'm loving this pear photo, too.

  3. That first picture is scabiosa or pincushion flower, which I love. It's one of my favorites. There's actually a perennial carnation that has the spicy scent we're familiar with and there's dianthus which looks a lot like a carnation. They are only supposed to be annuals, but I've had ones that winter over for several years and we have pretty hard winters.

    Those strawberries look as if they might jump right out of the computer screen! Beautiful!

  4. Love the post and thanks for the links too. I am still here.

  5. I love it when what you write in your posts tell me that you're doing well and quite happy with what's going on in your life. Really. This post reminds me of my gardening days two years back..that makes a bit nostalgic but that's okay. I'm quite happy with what I'm doing now as well.

    Have a nice day!

  6. a yard I am clapping for you! that is a profound gift right there.... to be able to create ....go Char!

  7. oh, there is nothing like fresh herbs from your own garden. i bet you will love that.

    and those berries are making me salivate. yum.

  8. I wish I had been planting in my yard today, too...and those fruit pictures are pure yumminess !!!

  9. gorgeous strawberry shots!

    i love phlox! i planted them at my last house. and i have always wanted an herb garden. i say i am going to start one every year. this is gonna be the year! you have inspired me to finally do it! keep me in check on that, will you? :)

  10. I think this is profoud itself!

    Sounds like you have the start of a wonderful peaceful garden....

    Wonderful photos - as usual!

  11. drawn in by your post title from tangobaby's site. Thanks for the look around, I will have to pop back again.

  12. So beautiful images. The second strawberry image. Oh, I long to bring just those two shades of blue and red into my home so how. Lovely, lovely. And the pears. My, oh my. Happy spring, my friend.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful images... and so exciting about your garden! I'm sure we're going to witness it growing through your photos - herb gardens are the best, if you grow mint you can use the leaves straight in boiling water for crisp clear peppermint tea!

    Happy weekend Char!

  14. I can totally relate with you
    on the need for a garden.
    My hubby and I just finished
    a conversation about what
    we plan to do about ours, or
    rather, how to create one.
    The images of those vibrant
    strawberries were absolutely

  15. Char,... you deserve a peaceful day and evening,.. surrounded by all the lovely plantings, enjoy!

  16. "The world seems peaceful and perfect." There you have the beauty of a garden, this is its effect! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  17. i want a yard someday, too!

    when justin and i lived with his folks for a short time, we did some gardening and we fell in love with it - it's so much fun & even more fun to watch the flowers grow!

    sounds like you had a divine day :-)

    so happy you have a yard!
    how about a clothes line?
    that would be just about perfect!

  18. Hello from france, I so enjoyed visiting your back yard, go for the herbs --just picking and smelling them does wonders for my moods, and then cooking with them does wonders for my meals. The strawberries looked really good too, just wondering what to have for supper tonight?

  19. Beautiful post with stunning photos - thanks for sharing :)

  20. There's nothing better than a yard to piddle in and make it come to life with color and smells. I love gardening.

  21. Beautiful dear one! Glad that I could catch up with one of my favorite bloggers! The move seems to be suiting you...

  22. You need to get a chocolate mint plant for your herb garden if you like mint. It smells exactly like the real thing and is a hell of a lot less calories! I have one and love it. I need to work on my yard too; I have fruit and mesquite trees, iris and dirt. This needs to be remedied and now I want to go shopping after reading your blog. And just keep in mind that sometimes the most profound things are said when we feel we are saying nothing at all :)

  23. What a beautiful post, and fantastic photos. The one with the strawberries and the jug just gave me chills :)

  24. hey you!!!! thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. in fact, thank you for being one of the most loyal commenters EVER! i always love hearing from you and i check out your blog at least once a day since it is just wonderful (as are YOU!).

    i hope your weekend has been fab.

    and i hope the job you are going for is PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRAORDINAIRE, as i feel that is the perfect job for you! :)


    p.s. this is off topic, but do you know if chris from reverie / vivid is ok? i know she hasn't been posting for a while, and i hope she is ok. i am a worry wart, and i think the two of you might be friends....

  25. how pretty. these are such gorgeous images. and no clouds in the sky? that's a great thing. just sunshine and warmth for you!

  26. not a silly thing at all to want a yard. i love having a yard - a place to hang my hammock and a place to plant in the ground not just a planter.
    those are some really juicy strawberries - such beautiful photos.
    you seem really happy in your new place - that's great.

  27. gorgeous. I love all these strawberry pics. We should dip with one of them. I still need to post our other shots. This week I will be around more. =]


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