March 16, 2009

spring rains

spring rains come in abundance washing yellow pollen away and leaving carpets of green clovers and tiny leaves bursting out of deserted limbs. the gray skies blanket my thoughts leaving me wooly and weary and desparately missing the sunshine.

tomorrow will be heavy fog - particularly here, near the river. another drive to the big city - an interview. will i get this...will i want it? will i learn to dread the drive? will i ever stop asking myself so many questions? probably not.


Update - the interview went well. I'll know more by Friday if I make it to the next round.


  1. good luck, friend!

    great shot
    is that a hummingbird feeder?!

  2. That's a fabulous shot. I can't wait to see the magnolias...I miss the South sometimes!!!!!

  3. May it go the way that is best for YOU,... p.s... I spent 30+ years driving 1/2 hour each way to work, it was a good time to switch gears. Of course it was in a very rural northern area here, not urban hustle and bustle. I might not have enjoyed it so well in another area. Good luck and let us know!

  4. Will it be warm in your part of the world soon? I hope so! Good luck with the job, hope you get it if it's a good one :-) I'm exciting for your spring - such a beautiful month. Hope to see your lovely photos showing me so!

  5. now there's the best you really want this job ?

    look deep in your heart sweetie and what does it say ?

    it probably says that the economy sucks and that even if you don't want it, but they want you, you should take it and be happy, right ??

    my hubby is going through the same thing right now !!!

  6. I hope all goes well with the interview and the job hunting!
    Amazing photo capturing the intricacies of the itty bitty blooms.

  7. So pretty!

    Good luck with your interview. Let us know how you get one.

  8. Good luck and love, just love the picture.

  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, hon. I hope it goes well. ((hugs))

    As always, the photo is lovely.

  10. woofucking hoo! i hope you get the job. then you can be miserable like the rest of us at work, but at least you will have paychecks coming your way!

  11. Wooohooo I'm so glad it went well! :) Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

  12. fingers crossed. that is if you want it.

  13. Yay on the job interview! Wo0t!

  14. will i stop asking myself so many questions...that is the question isn't it? and i fear the answer is no. :-)

    hope the job comes through (if you indeed want it).


    p.s. what IS that beautiful glass thingie in the picture?

  15. Such a beautiful picture here.
    I have always driven at least a half hour to work every day until last July when it was 45 minutes. But I'm at 15 now and I actually find that I miss the longer drive!
    Got my fingers crossed for Friday.

  16. Your processing is so beautiful! Good luck -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)


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