March 12, 2009


Tonight I'm scattered but at least not smothered and covered...ehh (bad waffle house reference there). Keep your fingers crossed and happy thoughts for an answer on Tuesday about employment...well, not so much an answer but another step forward to an ultimate goal.

Since I was in Birmingham for testing...I of course dropped by the gardens. It's a shame Montgomery does not have something this beautiful. The cherries were not quite blooming yet, but they are on the cusp. Hopefully I can go back next week and they will be blooming. That's my favorite thing (besides the waterlilies).

You will be able to see how scattered I am by the varied ways I processed these shots. I couldn't decide what I wanted so they are not seried.


2 (I want one of these in my yard - it's so fluffy and delicate)






  1. the right opportunity will come along for you Char ~I know it is hard to be in "la la " land right now with a job!

    I will hold you in my thoughts and your images from the gardens are so vivid and a treat for my tired eyes tonight!


  2. They are crossed six ways 'til Sunday, Char. Here's hoping!!! Great shots too! As always....

  3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! i am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    and these flowers are gorgeous. we have a place called the huntington gardens that you would just die for. and descanso gardens. simply gorgeous flowers that make you feel like you are in another world.

  4. pullin' for you! i'll keep my fingers crossed. these pics are so darn lovely, how could they not hire you?

  5. There are the tulips I went looking for at Aldridge today!!! I hope they are still there Monday and I get a glimmer of sunshine to do V's spring pics there!!!

  6. They are all lovely but for me, the delicate one is my favorite too. But then the purple flowers, they look like they are jumping right out of the frame. Great shots!

  7. Best wishes on the job Char... These photos are beautiful.

  8. I want flowers to shoot...come on wisconsin spring, SHOW YOUR FACE !

    I love the processing and the fact that they're all very different...but of course that's coming from one who loves to process :)

    good luck on the job front !!!!

  9. I know only good things lie ahead for you. What is that second flower, love it, it looks so whispy (is that a word)?

  10. How beautiful is spring!? The flowers here in the north are still sleeping. Stirring slightly, though.

  11. So gorgeous Char. I love the scond one and the purple on the second to last one is breathtaking.
    Can't wait till those cherries come out!

  12. You go ahead and be scattered in your processing. I, for one, am fine with that because these are all beautiful. That post card one is interesting.
    Damn, I love that banner . . .

  13. i love the second photo - the contrast is incredible!

    so glad i can wake up to such lovely, inspiring things ... :-)

    keep my fingers crossed for you honey!

  14. Your photos are SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS... I could paint for DAYS just from your photos! I do soooo hope this employment you speak of includes PROFESSIONAL photographer!
    ENJOY your day!

  15. i am keeping my fingers crossed for you and the employment that may come your way.
    you've captured, and processed, the flowers perfectly - B'ham Botanical Gardens is a great place to visit

  16. Aaah the shapes and colours of a sunnier clime, just what I needed to see today, like a breath of fresh air. Sending you good vibes for Tuesday too x

  17. Oh my, they are all gorgeous, each in it's own way!!!

  18. Good luck with your job app!

    P.S. beautiful photos.

  19. Gorgeous photos! My fingers are crossed :)

  20. That magnolia is stunning! And until you get that job... keep taking as many photos as you can before your days disappear into an office.

    Lovely blooms.

  21. amazing (magnolia?) shot!!!

    all beautiful, though.

  22. I found you via Ink on My Fingers.
    I just wanted to say hello and tell
    you that your photos are beautiful!

  23. Le sigh...happy spring!
    Love the new blog header too. So very you!

  24. Number two is so beautiful it gave me the shivers.

  25. are you kidding me with these photographs??!?!? stunning. ...that post card would be a cool business card.


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