March 27, 2009

a rose by any other name....

What is in a name? Now I know the agony that parents go through to pick a name they think their child can live with over the years. One that children won't make fun of, one that has meaning, and one that is just not, well, stupid. And, I might be a bit sensitive to names since few people when they first meet me understand the subtle different in my name and often think I mispronounce it. I've had several suggestions and buried in this list I'm about to present to you all are a couple that I really love. This will be the name of the etsy shop while my photography business name will most likely be "photographs by charlane". Yeah - trite maybe - but why not trade on the unique name my mom gave me, right?

I'm still open for other suggestions...but these are the ones submitted so far. Think about it and then leave me a comment on your two favorites. I'm going to put off a drawing for a photo for another week just to give all the people that said they were thinking on it a chance to add to the list.

Cicada Serenade
Music from a Farther Room
buckets of rain
born in time
chimes of freedom
freight train blues
girl from south
space & time
space in time
timeless images
Camellias & Moonlight
Mean Red Soft Blue
Champagne Before Breakfast
Lovely Wild Things
One Drop More
Great Many Things
No Rules Here
Sky So Blue
Soul Be Satisfied
Moments of Peace
A Fancy Or A Feeling
Moon over Alabama


  1. first of all your rain images yesterday were so beautiful and I wanted to be sure and let you know...
    second...I guess my OTHER suggestion did not make the cut...WINK!
    I vote for:
    time & space is a "known" and that counts for a lot in sales...unique too!

    have fun and stay positive you can do it....ELK

  2. LOL It made me laugh but....

  3. I guess I never threw a name in, huh ?
    how did I miss that ??

    anywho....going over the list and playing the "what hits me in my gut first" game, nothing happened {only because I don't know you that well}...BUT, I did take a couple that grabbed me a little and changed them.

    ALSO...I'm one that believes that we don't pick names, that names pick maybe the name you're looking for is still out there and hasn't found you yet !!!

    with that are the changed ones !!
    the moonlight and me
    bowls of soul

    and now some from me.....
    around me now
    blossoms and dreams
    water drops
    petals and patience
    just enough time

  4. mm .. i like

    1. girl from south
    2. buckets of rain


  5. I like "Moon Over Alabama" and "Camellias and Moonlight". Guess I've got moon on the brain today. : D "Blossoms and Dreams" from Beth also caught my eye. I'm terrible at naming things...terrible, really. But if I think of something I'll let you know. : )

  6. 'Champagne Before Breakfast' sounds like a fun name. I also liked Beth's 'Around Me Now'.

    Would you get in trouble for 'Where the Wild Things Char'? Haha. Yes, I'm corny but I like it!

  7. Hm, interesting choices.

    Moments of Peace - This one just gives welcome images of comfort.

    Sky So Blue - There's something so vast about this name, full of beauty.

  8. I love it....
    where the wild things char !!!!

  9. Of all of them, Moon Over Alabama is the one that speaks to me.

  10. Ok I LOVE beth's suggestion of petals and patience.

    On your list I like

    I think they stand out the most and would be the easiest to remember for buyers!


  11. I like Moon over Alabama.

    Very cool names, all of them

  12. I liked 'Sky So Blue' and 'A Fancy or a Feeling'. I think the name for the photography is spot on. You should always say what it is and have your name in there. Charlane is a name they will remember.

  13. WOW...sorry Char, I totally missed this post the other day...Umm, I like Ramblins...probably because thats who I know you as...I have a suggestion..."Precious Visions" but it's too late...and I like Champagne before Breakfast....because that's something I would love but with 2 young girls, I can't see it's a hard one! Good Luck Char...I had to correct people all my life on how to pronounce my name too...Spelt Charlotte....pronounced Charlotta. Who knows WHY my parents(both Scandinavian) wouldn't have thought it through.

  14. Well, you know I love Ramblins most of all. But, my next favorite is Lovely Wild Things. I would write it

    lovely. wild. things.

  15. my 2 favorites are Moon Over Alabama and Girl from South. I agree with Relyn though that Ramblins is good. You have quite a following with that name so why not?

    I had a name in mind but when I tried to post my comment, my connection was down and I forgot about it. The Pink Bough..:D
    I saw a climbing bougainvillea and was full of pink flowers, it was stunning..

  16. the moon ones speak to me:

    Camellias & Moonlight
    Moon over Alabama

    and i purposely didn't read the comments above, so i have no idea if i'm fitting in or not. :-)

  17. I'm new to your site so I don't know you very well and I'm not picking up on some of these subtle allusions. I AM seeing a couple of Bob Dylanisms in here. So I like those.

    The first thing that popped into my head was CHAR-MADE deriving from "Char Maid". You've got Charm, you've got Made, you've got your name and you have that Made by Char thing too.

  18. Wow. I like all of them but I'm pleased as punch to see a few votes for my entry! tee hee!


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.