January 26, 2010

fly away

tomorrow i will write along with christina about simple things. i'll do the linky thing tomorrow, but most of you know by now that i think she's the bee's knees. a girl crush if you will - or do they call them bloggy crushes? *shrugs*
i feel the ocean calling my name. i was convinced that i was driving there this weekend...but it is scheduled to rain. boo. boo. boo. i feel the need to get out of town and just stretch my wings. point the car somewhere and just go....it still can happen. i wonder how i would feel about the beach in the rain. i think i would have it to myself.
we are experiencing the 'january thaw' - that singularity that happens sometimes when there is a little burst of spring in the midst of winter. i think it's mother nature reminding us (and helping us) remember that spring is coming. she is. and she will be wearing a halo of daffodils and tulips. how can 53 days seem so long?
*trying wings on for size* why is john denver echoing in my head? (fly away) they seem to fit well. we will see what happens.


  1. love the beach in the rain..we are taking a drive to the ocean today....

    i'll be bringing my camera..

    looking forward to Christina's tomorrow...

    i have a crush on her too....

    more later,

  2. Ooh, I love going to the beach any time. Well, except if it's really windy. That some times isn't so fun. But I hope you get a chance to stretch your wings soon!

    And I agree about your blog crush...Christina is such a sweetheart.

  3. That is just the most beautiful photo. Is it yours? I'm hoping to do the blog along tomorrow too. Christina is wonderful! It's how I found you!!


  4. I think I need to thaw along with January, great contrast in this shot.

  5. lovely photo...outlines are the best.

  6. oh the sea..the beach and this photo full of tree branches, you made my day, fly away yes!

  7. Oh your seasons sound so long

    Our Autumn starts on the 1st of march which is only 32 days away.

    Do your seasons change on the 21st of the month.

    The sun will soon be on it's way to you.

  8. I rather like the beach in the rain, actually I like the beach anytime. My husband thinks I am the only one enjoying the colder days. He may be right.

  9. Flap those wings higher. If you want, I'll go down and dip my naked toes in the freezing ocean for you, and I'm not being facetious, it's damn cold out!
    Love the photo, reminds me of absolute dead of winter.
    Gorgeous colours.

  10. That "need to get away" feeling can be so powerful. Not listening to it can be maddening. Whether you make it to the beach or not I hope you can get away for a little while and get back the rested feeling.

  11. fly away -- oh, yes! I love the beach when it is almost deserted. Hope you get away somewhere, even if only in your mind... :)

  12. Hurry spring....I welcome you with open arms....
    See you tomorrow.

  13. Oh the road was singing a siren song to me today too. I was on a highway and it wouldn't shut up - "keep going, keep going!"

  14. Love that shot - the texture is great!

    I love the beach in the rain. So moody and tranquil.

  15. This is a fine art print you have here. Absolutely stunning. Seriously!

    It's different here.

  16. We had a breath of spring yesterday, with temps at 55, though it was raining. But still, in New England, in January, it should be about 20!

  17. I miss John Denver and I miss the ocean...

  18. ps: I think the beach all to yourself sounds lovely. Just sayin'.


  19. Oh, there is truly nothing like a beach, the rain and a good umbrella. Especially when you have the beach all to yourself.
    I hope you went and wandered.


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