January 5, 2010

a pink blanket

winter morning (04:365)

i'm grateful for winter, and though i complain and fret over a bitter cold that we are not used to...i look up and whisper thank you.

thank you for the winter that strips the trees bare and thank you for the dawn's pink sky so the branches dance dizzily in contrast. they bend and sway in the breeze that travels down their spines. and in these moments when i can see that beauty, i'm not cold but, am warmed by wonder that is something greater than me. they are so tall and i am just a short speck. the sheltering sky that has protected an untold, uncountable number of others who have also looked up and saw the branches.

people that stopped and looked for that moment and people that only glanced while they hurried on.
were they happy - comforted - content ... or were they consumed by burdens they could not share.
what echoes live on in those branches?
i stop and i wonder why...what...when.
the answers that may never really come and still i accept that fact, though it never stops me from wondering.

and patty griffin sings on...somewhere beyond the bitter end is where i want to be.
and though i'm not at that place, i remember it - bare and barren.
and then i remember the pink skies that serve as blankets in the cold.

i climb into the blue jeep and head downtown. the radio silence surrounds me.
today it is the perfect sound of nothing but the fan of the heater.
and...it is enough. just that is enough..and the memory of pink skies and branches.


  1. I tend to give Old Man Winter a serious bad wrap...I tend to enjoy it except when there is snow...and ice...and I guess cold. I guess that IS winter, isn't it???

    I"ve decided to try and enjoy all season's this year, not just Spring..so here's to enjoying it all!

  2. Omigosh, you are a seriously talented photog and writer both. Love this post!

    Looks like the cold will be here through the weekend. The thing I hate about it is that I tend to get cabin fever. This year I'm determined to get out and enjoy it despite the temps...

    Yeah, we'll see how that goes... lol

  3. Yeah...I know we all complain, but there really is something magical isn't there!
    Have a wonderful day...looking forward to seeing those sketchbook dairy entries...if you'll show us:-)

  4. Beautiful Char, the spine of the branches, you are so talented. Winter is to remind us of the spring ahead.

  5. Silence and pink sky blankets--wonderful.

  6. Beautiful Char. This is why I love winter. It strips everything down...until we can really "see". The cold winds blowing everything away revealing only the truth.

  7. love bare branches against the sky..you do it so well too!

  8. Wonderful post and words. Love the photo it's beautiful.


  9. I loved winter this morning, finally, as I was out doing errands....it was warm....21 degrees and the wind wasn't blowing and the sky opened up in to shades of blue where the tree tops danced....

    there must be something in the air, you think ?

  10. Beautiful words that warm me as I read them.....

    And you know I love pink! A pink blanket just for me...thank you! :)

  11. patti griffin is love. and your words warm me.

  12. I've missed you. I've been
    away from this beautiful
    spot for way too long! This
    is a beautiful post Char.

  13. what a beautiful post, and photo.

    sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    one love.

  14. maybe we should start a writing project now...geez girl! those are some great images in that little piece! is there anything you can't do!? i'm cold today, but you've made me see things that i hadn't before. that's good stuff.

  15. What echoes live in those branches?

    You are beautiful.

  16. god that shot is amazing!

    i can't complain much about winter, as it is in the mid-70's here! my only complaint is that it is kind of too warm to wear all the cute winter clothes that i have. oh well. :)

  17. that has to be the most beautiful pink blanket i have ever seen.
    i feel much the same about winter, only wish it didn't have to be so freakin' cold!

  18. What a lovely post...it touched my heart :)

  19. this makes me long for a beautiful pink sky!!

  20. An introspective morning indeed! Don't you love the changing landscape of the sky/tree branches throughout the year? Happy New Year to you, Char, with all best wishes for a happy and healthy year :)

  21. amazing how you capture the light and the effect it has on the branches... fantastic!!!


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