January 22, 2010

'cause i'm a copycat (and i just wanna)

jeanine and hulaseventy have done lists this week and, i gotta tell you. i'm a girl that loves lists. i make them all the time. besides..have you seen their blogs? they're both enough to make this girl go all swoony and lust over ttv and polaroid cameras for long periods of time. i haunt the flea market and wonder if i could afford to go back to film on any kind of semi-permanent basis. plus...there's that whole no more polaroid film thing...(though i've heard there might be a chance of a miracle) *sigh* anyway...

what was i talking about?


lists help me get my job done. without lists the tedious, technical aspect of herding cats on my new job might be nigh to impossible. well, they're not really cats persay, but they sure act like them lately. you know the cats that are sitting on a porch full of rocking chairs (or out front at cracker barrel)

you will see that hulaseventy has made several lists (i really like the music one and the things that she's accomplished lately - i'm all about accomplishments and checking off the lists). jeanine today made a rather swoony list of traits. i think i let out a slight sigh at the mention of john cusack and high fidelity. (i'm still crushing on john after all these years)

so, how can i be original while totally, totally, totally ripping off fellow bloggers. (*wince) difficult right, because, well in admitting that i'm unoriginal, it really takes the wind out of the sails of originality. hmmmmmm i'm just going to mix it up a bit and see what comes out.

char's totally random list (in threes because i like three...it's a magic number)

the last three songs i listened to (made random through the magic of ipod)
  • pride and joy - stevie ray vaughn
  • this old heart of mine - the isley brothers
  • dixie chicken - little feat

three songs that you would probably be shocked to find on my ipod (*hangs head)

  • key largo - bertie higgins
  • she's a bad mama-jama - carl carlton
  • get back - ludicris
last three accomplishments
  • sent out the last of the workgroup invitations
  • figured out how to set up voting on outlook
  • worked on my art journal/uploaded my daily photos to flickr
last three things i consumed (food is on my mind as it's getting near lunch)
  • craisins
  • coffee
  • orange juice
three things i need to do this weekend
  • wash clothes
  • go to the post office
  • babysit
three things i should do this weekend, but probably will not have time
  • get the oil changed
  • wash my car
  • clean the catbox
three things i would rather be doing than all of this
  • sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, with a ice cold drink and a smokin' hot guy
  • sitting at a cafe in paris, sipping a hot cuppa with a smokin' hot guy
  • sitting in a palazzo in tuscany, sipping vino with a .... well, you get the picture
three things i'm totally ashamed that i watch on television
  • millionaire matchmaker
  • tough love
  • vampire diaries
three things i probably should watch to be cool but i don't
  • lost
  • gossip girl
  • something on discovery
three things i want this time next year
  • a paid off vehicle (this is totally do-able)
  • a more creative spirit (working on that)
  • a better sense of my new plan on 'living' (working on that too)
and....a random list of thoughts
  • i wonder if i can make do with the cottage cheese lunch again or will i break down and buy something? i caved...i had poppy seed chicken casserole and banana puddin'
  • why didn't i check my calendar before getting dressed this morning?
  • do i have to go to my one o'clock dressed like this? *sigh*
  • i wonder if the doobie brothers named themselves now, would they still pick that name? (long train runnin' just came on my ipod)
  • i wonder how long i can type lists instead of sending the ballot out?
  • probably not much longer....geez
  • i so don't want cottage cheese.
  • *sigh*
  • i wonder how high they're going up with this building, it's beginning to block all of my light from outside.
  • is it five o'clock yet. *damn*
  • ohhhh. shoes.


  1. Great lists, Char! I wish I were brave enough to do one of these. I'm not sure I want my blog friends to know the real me! Ha!

    I hope the building doesn't go too high, or if it does, that there will be good-looking smokin' hot guys in the offices that you can surreptiously stare at with your cleverly concealed binoculars!

  2. You're too funny...great last random list...and OH are you keeping your FLICKR secret...I can't find a link to this on your site...so I'm missing your ART uploads girl!!!
    AND LOVE the 2 ladies you introduced us to...thank you! Been over there to tell them that you're sending us all over to them...
    Thanks for the daily smiles...hope your 1 o'clock goes well...

  3. Ha! Must be a list day...I did one on my blog. Funny. Anyway, loved your lists...I want to run away to Europe too... And Ludicris is not all bad!

  4. this is hilarious and i love your lists char! i also think you should buy a slice of pizza or something yummy--it's friday after all! all i can say is bad mama jamma should be on EVERYONE'S ipod; i'm embarassed i watched millionaire matchmaker last night but couldn't stop myself once i started; and i feel you on the smokin' hot guy :)

    hope you have the best weekend ever!

    xo mary jo

  5. lists are the best! organizing ones thoughts really helps in life, and i LOVE ticking things off after they are done! whee!

    hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I'm a list lover too :) They are easy...they say a lot without a lot of words. They keep me from rambling (no putting down your blog name.....sigh with a smile:)
    I love your blog :)
    I love your list today!
    It made me smile :)

  7. great lists. I love them and make them all the time. Something about checking it off gives me such a high.

  8. A great list today Char, and funny, now is the one o'clock with a hot guy. lol. I will go check out these other blogs. have a good weekend.

  9. little feat...oh the memories ...

    you are one amazing list maker...wow!

  10. I'm a different type of list maker ... itineraries. By the day, the week, the year, my life is listed out for me to see, organize, move through. Great lists going on here!

  11. Char how do you set up voting on Outlook? And I watch the Bachelor...

  12. Char/We Blog Artists - no, it's not secret. I'll put up a link to it.

    Puna - e-mail me and I'll tell you how.

  13. Wow..I can't hit the follow button fast enough. I think I just hit the JACKPOT ! What a great blog...it's my weekend reading...

    just lovely...

    can't wait to see everything...


    have a great weekend..I know I will reading this !

    more later

  14. I like lists, too. Loved this insight into who you are. And I was laughing at the end. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping to, as well. With a hot smokin' guy.


    Sort of.

  15. great lists...now i am inspired!

  16. I love lists. I keep them everywhere. My husband always teases me because my back pockets usually always have notes and lists jammed in them.

    Thanks for sharing those 2 other blogs links. I have never seem them before and am super excited to explore. Have a great weekend, Char!

  17. I'm cracking up! I saw this at Hula's and decided to do it this week. Then, I saw it at Janine's. Now here. I do love this bandwagon! Now I have to go back and read your lists. I came straight to the comments.

  18. I make lists ALL the time and this household would cave in and disappear if I didn't....

    I use blank 3x5 index cards and they are everywhere in my house...on my desk, in my purse, tapped to doors and the dashboard in my car....all with lists of what needs to get done while out, or what needs to be bought....etc.

    so list away sweetie....it's normal and you aren't stealing from anyone....

    and your lists....LOVE THEM

  19. I was laughing when I read the ipod list, because I was wondering what I'd write. I don't have an ipod, so do I pick an embarrassing station I've created on Pandora or something? Lol...

  20. I love this post. Your random list cracked me up! No cottage cheese lunch for me.

  21. I'm a lister, too. I list what I've done, what I have to do, what I want to do, where I've been, where I'm going, what to remember, what to forget . . .

    You've inspired me to make more lists on my blog. Thanks, my friend! xoxo

  22. this list kicks butt. i LOVE it. thanks for playing along.

  23. I am the king of lists and post it notes..nice last thought!

  24. Three Things I like about this post:

    1. The gorgeous, yummy photo of strawberries and old mason jars...
    2. Learning more about a good friend thru her lists...
    3. The way I ended up laughing by the end of the lists...


  25. Char...thanks for stopping by Farmhouse...and don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE Christina....she just makes me HAPPY....

    more later, my friend


  26. ooh, this list floats my boat!
    i love lists.
    and film, oh yeah, to that!

  27. Char I LOVE this post and learning more about you. How amazing is stevie ray vaughn? His guitar is so smooth and my father and I have always loved him. I'm off to check out your lovely blogger friends lists. Hope you had a happy weekend!

  28. Ha! Char am sitting at work trying to laugh quietly at this post. I love lists there's something very satisfying about ordering your thoughts this way! Happy Monday!

  29. Love your lists and yes, I also watch Millionaire Matchmaker. Shhhh.... and also Real Housewives... keep that quiet, ok? :)

  30. oh i love lists! and yours are so fun...thanks for sharing this!

  31. Ah ha -- I see we have another Schoolhouse Rock fan!


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.