January 4, 2010

thoughts on a almost snowy day

(photographed via iphone)
...the nephew is doing well - thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. in the meanwhile, the younger nephew is enjoying unlimited access to rice krispie treats and csi. i left him sleeping this morning but he's now with his other aunt and uncle and probably up to his elbows in a pug, a boston and two girl cousins....a very happy boy i'm sure. hopefully, his older brother will get to leave the hospital this afternoon if the kidney stone finishes passing.

they have forcast that dread thing...snow. while i know a lot of you are thrilled with this southern rarity, i'm not among them. call me the snow grinch if you will - i just dislike the absence of driving common sense during any time a flake dares appear. i am; however, fully prepped with the requisite bread and milk, so no worries. i'm also quite the girl scout in that i planned a menu this week that included three soups and slow cooker barbeque.

it's officially so cold her that my hands have shrunk so that my rings keep spinning around on my fingers - that's too cold people. i cannot wear jewelry that annoys me - part of the whole reason i do not wear earrings (a long history of being on the telephone for work broke me of that habit) or clunky bracelets...and that's sad because i love a bracelet.

my poor roses greeted me this morning with drooping heads and i never thought they were more beautiful. i wish i could be so beautiful in my aging as these - somehow my wrinkles never quite look as lovely...ah me.

hope you're having a wonderful first week. be sure to check out the giveaway on lens.us.together. (as well as cheesy cupid)


  1. Hey I've got chile in the crock for tonight so just come on over. I smell it now...Yummmm! I didn't know about the snow..I wish we would get some of it. YOu are like my husband...he says NO! Mostly because of work (power company and snow do not get along).
    My rings are doing the same things, going round and round the fingers.
    Glad to hear your nephew is doing better and I hope it passes soon!
    Stay warm, the chile will be ready about 5:00 :)

  2. This weather is really killing my spirit, I need to move somewhere where I won't curl up into a ball and hide once November comes.

  3. my diet must be keeping pace with the cold...no shrinking fingers here despite low temps!

  4. It is UNbeliveably COLD! I'm in Missouri and I'm not to wear a lot of hats, scarves, coats and such but even in this weather...I so need all that and more! Keep warm!

    ps...I would love this camera!

  5. Have a bright, bold, and beautiful week Char!!


  6. Stay warm Char, being cold is not my thing either! So true about the decaying of roses, they're absolutely glorious as they wilt. I wonder if they see us as we see them? Just a thought.


  7. I love this post and can imagine your ring spinning. That happens to me as well. They never seem to fit just right..Happy New Year Char!

  8. Ohhh no that too cold...when your rings start spinning. Yikes! Glad to hear your nephew is feeling better. Hope it warms up soon...

  9. Your poor little nephew...hope he feels better soon...
    Thanks for the comment on LUT...it's good to be back with the herd(lol).
    Have a good eve...it's chilli here too.
    Making a Tagine for dinner if you want to head North?

  10. I am glad to hear of your nephew's progress. And not to hear of your snow. We're supposed to get more this weekend and I'm all for it, but I live up here and expect it.
    (i sort of enjoy it when i can spin my rings!) But you're right, that's cold!

  11. I am having a great week thank you! I had such a good time on vacation that I've booked tomorrow off for a sneaky trip into the city!
    And baby, it's cold here too!

  12. I hope things warm up for you soon. Enjoy your soup!

  13. The soup is on here Char, it was one of my creative clear the fridge day...pray for my husband. glad your nephew is feeling better. As for your rings spinning....mine have not moved since November...there frozen in one place....no I am kidding, I know it is cold when I am wearing socks and slippers at the same time... Kinda you know your a redneck when kinda feeling gooing on....lol Take care, I hope you don't get your snow.

  14. your ramblins make me smile...your camera looks lonely!

  15. I have to tell you, I am very curious to see that photo that's barely in the picture. Also, am very glad your nephew is healing well.

  16. snow and cold ?
    snow and cold in alabama and you're complaining....you're kidding me right ?

    do you know wisconsin ? stop your whining before I drive down there and bitch slap you in the nicest way possible :)

    HA...I just totally cracked myself up...sorry ! the weather here is frigid, but in some totally sick way, you get used to it....

    the best part....going out in public is so easy as it doesn't matter what you wear since NOBODY will ever see what you have on under your long coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots.....

    honestly, I could grocery shop in my jammies and nobody would ever know !!

    hang in there....those rings will fit again soon...me, mine will fit again in june :)


  17. your poor nephew, how awful. as for the snow, I can't believe it. We even got a notice from ellie's preschool warning us of a possible school closing. If it does snow then it better stick so my kiddos can at least enjoy it for a bit. this cold hurts, we just don't have the clothes for it. Today I have to go by kj a coat, yes he doesn't have one yet, bad mom.

  18. Gosh, I haven't been able to spin my rings for years, despite the cold weather...

    I didn't know about your nephew, Char. I hope everything is OK now.

    Will you show us some photos of those beautiful aged roses? I'm not wearing the years lightly either, but am trying to make peace with this stranger who stares at me from the mirror.

    Some days are better than others. :)

    Stay warm! xoxo

  19. ditto to what Beth said!!!! lmao! it's cold here, sister
    if me and Beth were there, we would be walking around in booty shorts! lol
    love ya!


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