October 9, 2010

and they called it puppy love.....

it seems we have a secret admirer.  for three days in a row a single spider lily has been left intertwined in our gate.  romantic but so very fall. 

i can remember picking these lilies on the way home from school and taking them to my mother.  i have always loved their alien shape and bright color.  and they always seemed be blooming when i went back to school - springing up in unusual places - randomly in a yard, instead of the usual gardens.  whimsical and happy splashes of scarlet.

as for the admirer...i'm not sure - but i suspect it is one of the three young ladies that love to chat up my brother whenever he's outside.  (for the first few days - my brother thought it was me and i thought it was him)  but today...i took the lily in and smiled.  oh young love....young love.

today on my ipod -  hard to please (the weepies), blowin' in the wind (bob dylan), somewhere out there (our lady peace), harvest moon (neil  young), what do you do/the glory of love (lyle lovett and his large band), higher (jackie wilson), everyday (dave matthews band), fly (nick drake)


  1. oooh!!!!! I lurv a mystery let us know what happens okay?!!!!

  2. That is rather romantic, isn't it? Whom ever is leaving the lily has a sweet heart and definitely deserves a little recognition.

    How old is your brother?

  3. he's 45 and the girls are 10-12ish. totally a crush but so very cute. i told him that he has to be sweet.

  4. What a sweet story, are you sure the admirer isn't yours?

  5. Cute detail :)
    I'd love to find something like that sometimes


  6. Yeah, what Cristina said...it would be so cool to find something like that..
    serendipity at work..
    a happy surprise.
    someone is having a lovely time blessing you.
    I adore your blog, it's so refreshing....ahhhh!!
    I instantly relax when I stop here to see you..
    I lub it....
    happy day,
    glenda xo
    ps. thanx for stopping by to comment...
    faithful friend

  7. i'm not sure i have ever seen a spider lilly.....this is a beautiful photo.

  8. sigh...love this.

    and the photos rocks.
    just sayin'.

  9. It's nice to have an admirer, no matter the reason....and btw, who's to say that spider lily wasn't left for you!

  10. Reminded me just a bit of Boo's gifts in "To Kill a Mockingbird"...very sweet. And I don't think I've ever seen a spider lily. It's beautiful!

  11. That's so precious. What a compliment to your brother.

    I think I have a new favorite flower, btw. :)

  12. never even heard of a spider lily

  13. Such a pretty flower with pretty memories -- the best kind! I love those puppy love crushes, it kinda gives you faith that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Hope you are having a lovely weekend Char!

    xo Mary Jo

  14. I loved this little story, Char. It's perfect.

  15. i relish the feeling in this shot char..let us know if you find out who.....

  16. This flower is sweet!...but the story is even sweeter:) Life's little mysteries....


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