October 24, 2010


i read something today that clicked in my head....that "faith makes things possible but not easy."  it was one of those things that never made sense to me before - having had faith and the answer was sometimes no, or not right now.  too often i want it the easy way.  when in reality, if something was really easy i would  be suspicious. 
it was enough to make me think.

speaking of lessons - tomorrow will be the posting party for those that agreed to write their "life lessons" and post them here.  some of the lessons will require a lot of bravery to show this very vulnerable side and i applaud them for sharing.  if you decide to join in - e-mail me a link to your blog and i will make sure it goes up tomorrow.

i also will be posting a life lesson - though it seems lately that all i have done is post them.  but...as a sneak preview, i will tell you how the movie "you've got mail" saved my sanity and showed me the path.  no, not to internet dating but... well - i'll tell you more tomorrow.  until then....sweet dreams and finer things my friends.


  1. i
    and your ideas !
    blessings friend

  2. ...can't wait to hear the rest of the story!...and I love this photo!

  3. great post, I knew nothing of this, taking an email course right now dealing with life, intense. will be back to read tomorrow. hugs.

  4. Charlane, my post is up...http://lifesignatures.org/wordpress/2010/10/october-24-follow-the-leader/

  5. What a great message, and one that I wish I'd had firmly entrenched in my heart a few years ago. Relearning this hasn't been easy, but I've learned a lot about myself along the way.

    xo Erin

  6. i look forward to reading these life lessons. what a great idea for the blogging community. i wish i was better with expressing myself.


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