October 2, 2010

today is good

don't you love the days where you get so much done?  i do.  we have good progress in clearing out the basement - i went to the farmer's market and bought pumpkins, mums and pansies.  it's a good tired.

by the way - did anyone get to see 'teach' on a&e?  tony danza teaching english in an urban high school in philadelphia?  i found myself loving it today and really rooting for him and the children.  i was intrigued with seeing it after hearing an interview he did on the radio earlier this week ... and i love his three rules for his classroom - two of which i can remember off the top of my head:  "be kind" and "believe".  what wonderful messages.

hope you're having a beautiful weekend.


  1. Hi Char.

    No, I didn't see the show. I seldom watch tv at all these days. It sounds interesting though. Tony Danza is very high energy so I would think he'd be motivational.

    Damn I love that photo!!! I'm not kidding either!!!

  2. Morning, Char.
    I haven't seen that one but I've always enjoyed Tony Danza. Beautiful photo of the white pumpkin and friends. Simply perfect.

  3. Darn!!!! I meant to watch that show...I wonder if it will be on demand on cable....I'm going to check into that.

  4. i had just this kind of weekend too and i loved it - every minute of it. beautiful warm autumn photo

  5. i had that kind of day today. first day back at work after my week away, and got an immense number of things done... quite surprisingly, lol.

  6. wanted to say how pretty this fall feeling is...

  7. I heard that interview, too, but I missed the show. There is so much more to being a teacher than just a teaching degree...

    LOVE this image, Char!!! So beautiful! Glad you had a good day. :)

  8. I never even heard of that show...will check it out because I love Tony Danza...but not as much as I love this photo:)


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