October 4, 2010

being a hawk on a chicken kinda day

today when i left the house i was filled with such joy for living that i wanted to freeze time and hold it close and precious.  i wanted to take it and wear it like a single, warm pendant where it could always be close to my heart. 

so much of our time is spent being responsible - working, doing, chores, tasks, lists, and the other myriad things that make us feel bogged down.  this morning i wanted to fly - soar high above and delight in the cool breeze and the changing colors.

but...i came to work.  and that is good too because it allows me to live and not be worried about bills and other anchors around my ankles.

as i approach one year working i find that i'm comfortable and safe and most days that is good enough.  other days not so much.  but life is all about balance isn't it? 

so for today when i'm working and i would rather be soaring....i will hold on to the beauty in my heart - where i keep my savings account just for this purpose.

things that make my heart sing:  crunchy leaves, caramel apples, lea michael's voice, cool winds rustling the leaves, dimples, nephew's sleeping on my sofa, pugs on my lap, white chocolate mocha and warm poundcake straight from the oven.

today on my ipod - beautiful (christina aguilera), defying gravity (glee cast - lea michaels), i don't know (ryan bingham), try a little tenderness (otis redding), take it to the limit (the eagles), diamonds and rust (joan baez), someone like you (van morrison), i feel the earth move (carole king), the honey tree (mostar driving club)


  1. Those are truly some of the best moments in life, the ones we can completely immerse ourselves in, given the opportunity. It's when we know we're in a good place.

  2. That's a gorgeous feeling Char. I am feeling a little more like that now. So after work, why don't you soar? Sounds like a plan! xoxo

  3. Mmm...caramel apples. You're very right; we have to balance things. Even when we don't want to be at work, we're still making it possible to do things for fun when we're not working (thank you, paycheck.) Enjoy the day!

  4. I'm glad you're having such a good day! Work can tend to be a real bummer, until you don't have it that is.

    I'm in the process of trying to find a job and don't know what the heck I want to do! It's a bit scary going for interviews but surely something will work out.

    Being able to pay the bills is always a good feeling : )

  5. seems like just a while ago ..time moves like the clouds in your photo

  6. Ahhh...warm pound cake...one of my faves! I know thoses feelings too. Having worked for years and now that I have the privilege of staying home, makes my heart soar with gratitude.
    Love the pix...I saw that place when I came to Montgomery two times in two weeks (ugh). Lovely!! I thought of you!

  7. Sounds like you're having a WONDERFUL day...never to forget....to keep a printed copy next to your bed...

  8. I'll take one caramel apple and one Ryan Bingham, please.

  9. so for today when i'm working and i would rather be soaring....i will hold on to the beauty in my heart - where i keep my savings account just for this purpose.

    love it xo

  10. balance....that's for sure !
    i walk around with one of those poles in my hands since my feet are always on a tightrope....

    and warm pound cake....oh i need some of that :)

  11. Yep....you described my day to a T! Or may to a P for perfection. Why can't more days like today be crammed into the 365 of life?

  12. That is a great post! I feel so free in the mornings and then I get in my car to go to work. Ugg!

  13. Wow, Char. You've got quite the eclectic mix here on your iPod today.

    Has it been an entire year already? Oh, my gosh where does the time go?

    And I love this photo. Love the crop, the composition, the colors, the texture. So beautiful.

  14. Your blog is beautiful as is your heart! Your an inspiration to many I'm sure! Nice meeting you!

  15. That's a wonderfully simple way to look at life...inward soaring when outward is not possible. Keep the good feeling.

  16. Soaring high. This was today's Rumi at my RUMI DAYS post:

    You are an ocean in a drop of dew,
    all the universes in a thin sack of blood.

    What are these pleasures then,
    these joys, these worlds
    that you keep reaching for,
    hoping they will make you more alive?

  17. Truly a beautiful post Char, soar my friend.

  18. "i will hold on to the beauty in my heart - where i keep my savings account just for this purpose."

    Love that! And what a gorgeous image, too!

  19. glad you are feeling great! work can kind of be a drag, but a paycheck really helps in life! big time!

  20. So wise Char, good for you. Keep on dreaming and keep on saving for that dream.

  21. A year does go by quidkly...Congratulations on your anniversary and that financial security that does make us feel good:) Love this photo...I'd love a cup of that white chocolate mocha with you:)

  22. sounds like fall and dreamy days have crawled down in your soul and made friends with the love of work...I'm glad.
    I am thinking of getting something light to do for the holidays.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.