October 27, 2010

doin's and props

thanks to all that shared and read the life lessons blogs.  it took a lot for some of the bloggers to share such intimate details of their lives and i appreciate you giving them that voice. 

in other news...the month is drawing to a close before i really got to know it.  with the time change in november, i feel like i missed the harvest moon.  but...it was lovely and bright...in my window on those sleepless nights.  here in the south we are still tettering on that borderline between summer and fall - days quite warm but the changing leaves signal what our hearts know, fall is here. 

i participated in relyn's autumn celebration swap with amy jo and got the sweetest autumn package this week - filled with all kinds of goodies and goodness, i think i squealed when i spied a penguin classic book - how did she know i collect those?  pictures will come soon - i'm sooooo behind on photos as i have been living, breathing and yes, it feels like eating health information technology and exchange.  (sorry, i'll stop whining now)  it was such a fun swap as it was for a book ("gently used if possible"), something handmade (ugh, i'm soooo not the crafty girl i've found out) and something "autumn." 

as an indulgence, i purchased a ring from my friend, leslye's etsy shop.  words cannot describe what beautiful work is on this ring - i adore it.  if you are a fan of handmade jewelry i encourage you to check out the shop - gorgeous work.  just gorgeous.  "live, love, laugh" - definitely words to live by - yes?

dark clouds are hovering by my window and i'm reminded there are miles to go before i sleep.  i hope the day treats you well...and finds you safe and sound.  me, i will work with the raining dancing on my window panes and prodded by the thunder to speed me along. 


  1. Ohhh Char... You need to buy something whimsical now and then. I too thought October went by way to quickly. At least Halloween is not over yet...I will enjoy it to the fullest. xoxo

  2. LOVE the ring....it suits the woman I am getting to know.

    Fall is melancholy don't you think? I adore the feelings this time of year. Helps temper me before the crush of Christmas.



  3. It's been so warm here in New England this fall that it hasn't truly felt like autumn yet! Waiting on those chilly temps ...

  4. sigh...that ring.. it did go by fast ..i really don't always like that too much..your week sounds great though

  5. I love this contemplative bird photograph.

  6. i'm so sorry that life got in the way of letting me participate in your life lessons....
    and maybe there is a lesson there, just like you mentioned in my email...

    enjoy fall....ours is leaving us....i can feel it. i had to finally turn the heat on today.....very sad.

  7. Fall has rushed by. It has been beautiful this year, though, and you still have the cute kids of Halloween to enjoy.

    xo Erin

  8. Where has October gone! I feel like I slept through it...This is my favorite time of year and I don't want it to go too fast! It is way too warm here in RI for this time of year...thunder storms here too, which is unusual.

    Love this photo Char!

  9. Ooh, I love that photo--and that ring!

    And I've noticed autumn flying quickly by, before I have time to soak it all in, for the last few years. Must do something about that. Hmmmm...

  10. that ring is beautiful, you are too sweet.

  11. Busy lady! This is beautifully written, I do so enjoy your descriptions of the south and it's ever-changing weather!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  12. Read this post at work yesterday and wasn't able to respond. I loved the jewelry. Your ring is beautiful. Excellent purchase.

  13. "i will work with the raining dancing on my window panes and prodded by the thunder to speed me along." I love that. I just love the way you arrange words -- there's magic in there, and...well, I love it.


  14. The ring is beautiful!
    Hope the day cleared up for you.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN my friend.

  15. The ring is beautiful! I have to find out my ring size because I spy something in her shop that I LOVE!

    Yes, October seemed to fly by... but I'm loving the cooler days and frosty nights, and the drawing in of our lives, to fleece sweaters and geese flying overhead and pots of chili on the stove...

  16. this month has WHIZZED by! cannot believe it is almost november. kind of astonishing!

    and now i am off to check out that ring. i bet it is fab!!!!!!

  17. a lovely piece of writing today.

  18. What synchronicity! I was just at Lesyle's etsy shop late last night and absolutely fell in LOVE with one of her rings...I can't wait to order it!!! I'm glad you found one too. :)


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