September 1, 2008

happy roadtrips with friends


"where are we?"
"that was reallllllllllllllll niiiiiccce"
"here's your Jack on the rocks"
"it got in my LUNGS"
"Where's Batman?"
"where are the new artists, like Clint Black? asshole"
"she flipped him the tit - I just saw a hooker"
"do I have to drive across the bridge?"
"I'm buying the strawberry jelly. It's jam but I won't tell Carol you said that sister."
"I could tell if he was circumcised or not. ewwww"
"He sang Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. You stole my thunder!"
"boobie bungalow"


  1. it was fun!!! we were in your town but I didn't have time to breath in the crowd...we have to get together to shoot.

  2. "jack on the rocks"...? not a Martini, but a nice start. Glad you got to go out and have some fun.


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