November 1, 2010

gratitude, the weekend and music (01/30)

i feel much like this horse - covered up in weeds and barely keeping my head above water.  to say that last week was difficult is an understatement is much like saying the queen is british.  but, this is a new week and we begin a new phase at work much like the new week and the new month.  so....

first my daily gratitude - i am grateful that i have a job that is interesting and keeps me on my toes.  it keeps my brain sharp and helps me think "outside the box" when it comes to solving problems.  that makes the day pass so much faster.

since i last spoke to you....there have been many changes at work in that we have to go back to the beginning and plot a slightly different path.  it's not as bad as we thought after taking the weekend to think - but, a different way to get to the same goal.  my cutey pie niece turns three tomorrow and we had the annual halloween/birthday celebration last night.  so adorable.  i found that amazon has the penguin classic books on sale - so if you're looking to expand a collection, it's a great opportunity. 

i'm having big sleep disruptions - major - so last night was filled with dreams about a city that traffic drives overhead and then all people were located underneath in varying levels.  in some ways, it was how i envision hell - but without the heat...just lots of stores on many levels.  not sure what all of that means so i'll see if i revisit that tonight.  in the meantime i read "whistlin' dixie in a nor-easterner" (mind candy) and have begun to re-read emma. 

for those of you that watched project runway - how shocked were you???  i believe mondo was robbed...robbed i tell you.

today on my i-pod - two (ryan adams), diamonds and rust (joan baez), breakin' me (jonny lang), tempted (squeeze), feels like rain (john hiatt), fast car (tracy chapman), stuck in a moment (u2), i'm on fire (bruce springsteen)


  1. hang in there is a beautiful shot even if it is covered in weeds and all..i am grateful for you char and the easygoing way you share your life...

  2. i'm glad your head is coming up above the water....uhh, er, ummm fields of least a little bit.

    my hubby goes through periods like this and i'm constantly throwing him a life preserver....want to borrow one ?

    happy birthday to that sweet niece of yours....such a cutie patootie !

    and dang, i missed project runway !

    hugs to you....

  3. yeah for new weeks. Hope your is fabulous.

  4. LOTS going on in that marvelous head of and breathe sweet Char!
    HUGS to a better week.

  5. in a way, i wouldn't mind being that horse, being almost invisible in a sea of luscious green, lost in my own world...
    sorry about the sleep disruptions, i suffer them, too, and they always put me off balance, but it sounds like you're keeping it all together and that's what it's about.

  6. i was rooting for Mondo too.
    hope your week is off to a positive start and the sleep patterns get better

  7. I love that photo...

    as someone who doesn't much like shopping that dream sounded terrifying:)

  8. You are lucky indeed to have a job that you like and keep you on your toes :) And I'm on sexy!!! Hope this week is wonderful for you!

  9. Love catching up with you here. I know, can you believe Mondo didn't win!! Whah!

  10. I too am grateful for your job... everyone deserves one and just think if it was totally mind numbing how crazy it would make you!
    The sleep thing... I started using a sleep mask... silly I know.. I read it on a blog and guess what?? it's really good!!!
    love your iPod.

  11. Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby, edgy and dull, and cut a six inch valley in the middle of my soul.

    I just love your music lists.

  12. Our equine friend there rather looks like he's enjoying himself, though, immersed in good food :)

    Hope you have a good week.

  13. Glad to see you are doing the 30 days too! Gratitude is good for us to think about and acknowledge.
    Gretchen will go down on her own...Oh yeah! Mondo will rise above, he does not need PR's money! Robbed...oh yes he got robbed, kicked, and was deceived throughout each challenge by the judges who managed to change their tune in the end....! Sorry...that really stired me up!
    See ya tomorrow with day 2!

  14. I've been dreaming very "strange" things of late myself. Weird.

  15. Oh my, that dream sounds like how I feel when I go to the mall Christmas shopping:)....Glad your head is above water now!

  16. Your dream, with overhead cars, eek. I hope you don't return tonight. I'm wishing you daisy fields or cupcakes or something more inviting. You always have something on your iPod for me, today it's Tempted. Thanks.

  17. Eek ... wretched dreams! I've been dreaming about school ... STILL dreaming about school ... can't find my class, it's finals and I haven't attended the class all semester, etc. Sigh.

    Here's praying for peace and sound sleep to come your way...

  18. mondo was robbed. that show always makes me cry (i am so sensitive in some ways -- LOL), and i shed plenty o' tears for the fabulous mondo.

    hope work gets easier. it is very good to have a job and a paycheck, but BOY do they make us work hard for it! lol

  19. Yep, he was robbed alright. I could not believe it. Gretchen's line was nothing compared to Mondo's...nothing! I think they passed him over all because he didn't listen and leave the hairpieces and the gown out of the show. I loved that gown!

    As to the crazy dreams...I always used to do that as part of my PMS routine. After about a week, I would be back to normal sleeping habits.

  20. gratitude- i love that word.
    i might be awake at the same time you are. sigh. i don't feel so alone anymore, after reading this. if i awake tonight i will think about you. xo

  21. Thank you for your sweet comment on my "remembering" post. I was thinking about you yesterday, imagining holding your hand while you felt what you needed to. I hope all is well for you today. Sending love and hugs your way.

    (I must say your dreams sound amazing. Not restful, but amazing.)

  22. Sounds like you have a job that keeps your mind fresh, as long as it doesn't exhaust you!
    I am loving that green green picture.


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