November 26, 2010

the aftermath (26/30)

today was about the clearing away of thanksgiving and paving the way for the next holiday - christmas around the corner. and as i move from the last of my gratitude blogs - i want to make sure that this exercise is making the course corrections that i intend it to make.  to examine things - both big and small and to be thankful.  for all of it - the good and bad/happy and sad/ups and downs... because it all part of being human.  and yes, this always makes me think of it.  so as i move forward into the new month next week - i think of the aftermath of this month.  i like it.  just as i like the clearing away after good times together.  i'm old enough and set in my ways that i adore everyone together and i adore the quiet after.  *smile*

i use the day to recuperate and relax - the football game is on this afternoon.  you know that one where the elephant will probably eating a lot of crow because tiger meat will not be available (alabama vs. auburn for those not familiar with the mascots).  i won't watch the game - i will know the results by the moans and groans of my brother watching on the flat screen.  this has not been alabama's year.

today's gratitude - having a clean house today to enjoy and relax in this afternoon.  the candles burning bright against the gray, sullen day.  the memories of the holiday and the planning for the christmas season.  now that the turkey has had his due, it's time for the christmas season.  now i gather my thoughts about a tree, presents and events at work.  it is a good time for the aftermath.

today on my i-pod (extended holiday version) - girl you'll be a woman soon (urge overkill cover), caramel (suzanne vega), son of a preacher man (dusty springfield), angel mine (cowboy junkies), hello it's me (todd rundgren), it's probably me (sting), rebecca (pat mcgee band), easy tonight (five for fighting), the weight (the band), i say a little prayer for you (aretha franklin), he went to paris (jimmy buffet), lover's cross (jim croce), broken (peter searcy), hallelujah (jeff buckley)

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  1. One holiday down, a team defeated, the turkey eaten and all's said and done!
    A great day! Love the pix, a fave for sure!


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