November 16, 2010

taking charge (16/30)

matisse said that "creativity takes courage".  now i don't know if that is completely true or not, but i think creativity takes commitment and a good amount of time and energy (C=t+e2 perhaps?)  without those elements my creativity seems to flounder.  lately i haven't had much time or energy and as a result, my creativity muse seems to have taken a hike.  i know that i never felt like a better photographer than when i was without a seems that different talents ebb and flow as they are needed...or is that channeled. 

this year my sister and i have declared that we are taking back thanksgiving.  in the past three years we've been going to the country club as it was easier than coping with missing family members, but it's time now to rebuild those memories for the generations to follow.  i find myself excited about going shopping this weekend and thinking of making dressing while i watch the parade thursday morning.  it brings happy smiles to my day.

today's gratitude - having the memories to share with my nieces and nephews and making the new memories for them to carry forward.  though i may not be with them forever, they will carry my memory forward, just as they do with their grandparents and loved ones. 

today on my i-pod - lay lady lay (bob dylan), i'm like a bird (nellie furtado), feels like home (chantal k....i never can spell her name right), days like this (van morrison)


  1. bravo for taking back thanksgiving. i am proud of you.

  2. This will be my first Thanksgiving without my sister and if it weren't for my kids and her kids I would just as soon go away for a long weekend...somehow I am being forced into starting new traditions and I am sure I will be the better for it...just ask me later:)

  3. taking back Thanksgiving - what a wonderful thing you're doing - make wonderful memories.

  4. oliag - i'm sending love and hugs. i know that it is very hard. and maybe this year is not all full gear, i know it took me three years to even try.

  5. ((hugs))) for you -- have a wonderful time creating new memories!

  6. 'taking back thanksgiving'

    wow...that is exactly what I needed to 'hear'. Since my divorce I havent felt like having holidays or being apart of them...with two boys, of course, I've had too do them but I've only went through the motions, never fully enjoying it or life.

    its time to take it ALL back

  7. jakki - YAY! that's right and i understand because my sister goes through the same thing. i can't wait to hear about your plans.


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