November 12, 2010

music (12/30)

a few years ago i went to a concert and met a musician's wife.  we became fast friends and as a result of that friendship, i helped with fan relations and sold merchandise for him - we also became friends.  over the years we've remained friends and i'm still a great fan of his has been a while since i've seen him perform and if you can tell my playlist, i think he's insanely talented.  his name is angie aparo.

working with angie's team was great fun and through him, another friend has gone on and become deeply involved in the music industry.  the world of music is a weird little world when you pull back the curtain.  they work so hard and it's really almost serendipitous when they make their way.  it also chews people up and spits them out due to the quick turns and twists the public take.  we tease amongst ourselves that it pulls the curtain back from the wizard when you're a fan.  you learn that heroes are human.  that being said, if you're ever able to hear angie, i encourage you to do it - it's crazy how amazing his voice is.

but...he's not my gratitude is. today's gratitude: music is one of those things that gets me through the days and it suits my every mood.  it inspires me, lifts me soothes me, comforts me and keeps me great company. music of every kind...and yes, i have my favorites and my not so favorites.  lately, i've learned to eat my words about a lot of stuff that i never thought i would like....and i try to listen with open ears.  i always give you my list....what's yours' this week?

today on my i-pod:  cry, hush, gravity, hard woman to love, child you're the revolution, the american, free man, seed, caroline, american teenage tale, wonderland (originals by angie) and then some of my favorite covers that he performs -- rocketman/space oddity, fight for your right, midnight rider.


  1. i am with you grateful for music...of ALL kinds

  2. I love music too, but it seems as though a moment of the day doesn't go by where I have some song stuck in my head. (right now, it's a haunting beautiful melody on my favourite photography website.) Sometimes that's good, sometimes...not so much! But the world would be a lonely silent place without melody.


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