November 7, 2010

time together/time alone (07/30)

last night my brother was "patched in" to his motorcycle club.  apparently this is a very big deal and involved lots of friends, family, drinking, teasing and some seriousness.  my sister and i attended and got to see a side of my brother we rarely see, him entirely in his own element - having a great time with his buddies.  you see, he frets from time to time, thinking that his buddies may be a bit "crude" for his sisters (isn't he just the best brother?)...sometimes i think he doesn't know our "other" sides know, the side where we are used to handling ourselves...and unwanted advances (when unwanted).  it all goes back to the roles that we all have in each other's lives, doesn't it?

anyway - it was a lot of fun and i got to see a couple of people that i haven't seen since high school.  i also learned a rather raunchy use for choroseptic (don't ask!)  it always pays to learn!  *laugh*

today's gratitude - i'm grateful for time with family and friends as i always feel welcome and loved.  and i'm also grateful for time alone when i need to decompress and reflect on the week's happening.  the weekend is always such a great time for both of these.

today on my ipod - seven bridges road (the eagles), sweet home alabama (lynard skynard), footloose (kenny loggins), the boys are back in town (thin lizzie), livin' on a prayer (bon jovi), jump (van halen)


  1. I love seeing people in their elements, when they are truly just themselves. It's so refreshing.

  2. Stephanie above took the words right out of my mouth! Glad you had so much fun

  3. He truly does sound like the best brother ever. So lucky!

  4. glad you got to see him let loose and be himself. my brother is coming on the weekend. have fun love the photos char, think of you often.

  5. Brother can truly be fantastic, glad you got to see yours in his "element"!


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