November 19, 2010

lists (19/30)

it's no secret...i'm a listmaker.  in fact i have a favorite thing to make lists on...3x5 cards.  they are the perfect size to fit in my back pocket.  i always have a packet in my deck along with a fine point sharpie - clear and concise. 

this weekend i will making lists for the holiday - a grocery list, a menu, a list of who is doing what and when.  pick up the turkey and ham, pick up the cakes, get a card table....all the things that make the holiday fun instead of work.  i like my lists.

today's gratitude - as i prepare for the holidays, i'm grateful for the time to plan and enjoy.  the joy that we have in doing for others and the ability to relax enough not to make it work.  and i'm grateful for my lists.


  1. I'm with you!...I too love a list, to do list, lists of love, list of this and of that! Lists make for good posts too! I took my looooong list to Wal Mart and the grocery store on was it long. I spent two hours in WM only...and I won't even mention the $total which did not include the 16 pound turkey which I had already gotten last week!.......ugh...It also did not include the 8 pounds of fresh shrimp Holly is picking up today in Louisiana for me! We are having a low country boil on Wednesday!....... but I do love a list!
    Have a great weekend Char!

  2. You've given me a new appreciation of list-making. I was never much of a fan when I was younger. I could usually remember everything I needed to know. Making a list seemed too much like work and I've always been allergic to work. But now I see that list-making can be fun...lists of stuff I like, lists of stuff I want to do...lists of stuff I need to remember and can't anymore. Yep, I'm learning to be grateful for a good list.

    I've made one today, because I'm sure I leave something important at home when I leave for the Smoky Mts. in the morning. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I do love your lists, I think I need to use them more, have a great Thanksgiving, I think we should celebrate the same time as you guys because I am sure craving that Thanksgiving meal, especially reading all the blogs. have fun, I am thankful our paths have crossed. hugs.

  4. Hi Char,

    It's been to long since I stopped by! I used to use index cards all the time for lists. Why I stopped, I don't know. They are perfect though.

    Don't you find you make one list, don't finish everything so you carry things over to your new list! I do that all the time. Sometimes I have 2 lists going so I'll combine what's left on each list.

    How come I never see men making lists? Does that tell you anything?

    Another lovely photo!

  5. I absolutely adore this photo Char!
    ...and I adore lists even if I don't accomplish much on them... I do find that I have a hard time throwing lists out...they are almost like a diary:)

  6. Lists on a 3x5 card? Sigh. I am the exact same way. I like the ones that are blank on one side and graphed on the other. Something about graph paper really makes me happy. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. gorgeous photo, char!! and i am right there with you on the listmaking, friend. :)

  8. The only time I am really good about making lists is during the holidays. There is so much to plan and I love to create a joyful experience for everyone I love.

  9. ack !
    i make lists for everything and ON, 3x5 cards, too !
    they are my purse, on my desk, in my junk drawer, on my night stand and used as page markers while i read.....for notes, you know.

    AND....they have to be the plain white ones. i don't like the ones with lines on them already.....

    for note card says....only broccoli and thank goodness that everyone else is doing the rest of the cooking :)

  10. Don't think I could muddle through without lists...

  11. ooh yes lists for celebrations are a must have. I find I need lists more these days, so many things rushing through my mind and without a list they are gone sometimes for ever.

  12. lists lead to organization and manageability! they are fab!

    and i get the feeling you will have a helluva fabulous thanksgiving!

  13. you know I stopped making lists for a time because I used to get upset when I hadn't crossed off enough things,
    but I'm back into it again. It actually inspires and keeps my brain calm,
    and helps me to remember now that , well, I'm getting older and more forgetful.

    Have a great Thanksgiving. And I love the index card idea btw.

  14. Where have I been? All these posts I've missed.
    I've just written a list. And thought of you.

  15. Taylor loves her list (she uses index cards too). i don't make list. i think i should - i would probably get more done.


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