November 17, 2010

frivalous things (17/30)

as the month of gratitude reaches the mid-point i often find myself reaching for things to express gratitude about.  not because i don't have much to be grateful about but instead, you start second guessing yourself or thinking that it sounds silly to be grateful for things like ... coffee, the perfect lip gloss or comfortable shoes.  but face it - after we name the big things like love, family, health, happiness and the big ticket items, what are we left with but things that bring us comfort and some modicum of joy in our lives.  or is that just me (please don't say it is)

today's gratitude - just like tiny things last week. this week i am grateful for things that bring a sense of comfort to my life - a pillow top mattress and my dwell studio comforter (from target), good coffee (yum - dunkin donuts), and comfortable shoes (sketchers).  because if i don't have enough sleep, caffeine and happy feet i'm rather a grumpy grump.  and i also realize that i'm rather blessed to have these things.  now, about that lip gloss - it's not a necessity, but it just makes me feel good - my latest crush is the 'buxom' lip gloss from bare essentials.  i don't think that it really makes my lips fuller - but i love that minty cool feeling it gives my lips.  it also seems to fulfill my ridic habit of carrying around two tubes of lipstick and however many lipglosses - maybe i'm preparing for an upcoming kissing surplus?  (don't i wish! ha!)

today on my i-pod - songbird (eva cassidy), rihannon (fleetwood mac), landslide (the dixie chicks), silver springs (fleetwood mac), gold dust woman (covered by sister hazel)


  1. is really all about the little, simple things isn't it?

  2. you make me laugh (and i'm thankful for that) but it's not just you. i mean it's ok to be grateful for the simple things too. i was grateful today for a day off from work.

  3. No, it is not just you -- anything that brings even a moment of joy to our lives is worth mentioning, especially when so many do without any of these things...

    LOVE your playlist today!

  4. me too..simple is OK m&ms!!

  5. I think that's what thankfulness is all about ... seeing the little things for what they are--blessings!


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