November 3, 2010

peace (03/30)

there is a sense of peace this week - the settling in of what has to be done and the elections are over.  now some of the fear settles into a plan of action as we move forward.  uncertainty and indecision often leads to a sort of fear for me.  no one likes being at the cliff with rocks crumbling at your feet without some sort of plan on how to get out of that situation.  do you leap?  do you tie a rope on and try to get down?  what is the plan?  maybe you build a parachute with the clothes on your back. 

my plan?  linking hands with others on the ledge and finding a way to getting to the goal.

today's gratitude - i'm grateful for finish lines so i can make new beginnings.  as susan st. james said, every finish line is the start of a whole new race.  today as i stretch and ready myself for the new race, i'm grateful for having a finish line to help plan the next steps - a way to help me along the right track. 

today on my ipod - angel flying too close to the ground (willie nelson), lovely day (bill withers), fire and rain (james taylor), long time gone (gin blossoms), peace train (cat stevens), free man (angie aparo), the kitchen song (edwin mccain)


  1. It's true ... the road to the unknown is much less scary with others traveling with you ...

  2. It is always best when uncertainty comes to an end. We can face what we know, the unknown is much harder to cope with.

    May new beginnings lead to happy endings.

    (I've come via Ruth)

  3. so so true,
    and may I tell you that Willie Nelson song is one my favourites.
    Although it has a connection to grief as I found it when looking for a song to help me when my best friend passed away suddenly... but nonetheless.

  4. char . i love your thoughts today .. and the stunning window..always a musical trip here that makes me smile

  5. Yes, I feel some peace today will be nice to get away from listening to all those nasty campaign ads! Love your gratitude posts Char!

  6. I love that about the finish line being the start of a brand new start.

  7. sometimes having a finish line in the distance is the only way i get anything done....

  8. I hope your fear doesn't mean you're afraid you might lose your job now that the election is over....??

  9. i'm loving your 30 days of gratitude post. completion at the finish line is always a good feeling.


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