November 13, 2010

sleep (13/30)

last night sleep eluded was the bed, it was staying up late, it was being was so many things.  my sister and i took a little weekend getaway to birmingham to see a friend play (see 12/30) and then wanted to get a bit of shopping in.  i took my camera with full intentions to get in some local seasonal color, but time just slipped away because i slept in (after falling asleep about 3:00 a.m.)

so...despite all good intentions, you get the spring shot of this beautiful garden instead of the fall shot.  see what a little excitement can do for you?  *smile*

toaay's gratitude:  i am grateful for sleep, especially when it eludes me.  i love the comfort of waking up refreshed and happy on weekends.  and though i started off on the wrong foot, i'm also grateful for a great weekend with wonderful company....i learned the ins and outs of being a wing-girl for a male friend and laughed at his dilemmas as four women vied for his attention.  the mysteries of dating, right?  *smile*

today on my i-pod:  a running soundtrack of 80's music as we shopped - laughing with how ridiculous we sounded as we sang along to the songs....and, also our silly, silly jokes about "no gas for you"


  1. sounds like a fun weekend. no worries about the fall shots. the spring one is nice to see.
    i had plans of getting some fall photos today too, but i had one of those late nights last night as well - 2:30am. Not out on the town, but i sat at the computer too long. now i'm paying for it and as the sun goes down tonight i'm feeling like it's time for bed and it's only 6.
    oh well it's been a productive weekend still.

  2. now that the fall colours (up here) are mostly gone and things are looking decidely brown. it is a pleasure to see your spring blossoms and the bright red gateway!
    glad you had the chance to see your friend playing again

  3. what ? no photos ? you really were living in the moment....good for you !

  4. It's always hard for me to sleep when I go somewhere. So chalk it up to that. And try to get some zzz's at home I guess!

  5. I am catching up with your days of gratitude...
    Hope you get some sleep...I always find it hard sleeping in another place.
    Grateful to know're extremely your writing.

  6. I have completely forgotten what it is like to stay up until 3AM! But I certtainly am grateful for a good night's sleep:) Sounds like a fun weekend!

    I have always thought that the music business must be the hardest to be have to stay in it for the love of music only....

  7. I have a lot of trouble with sleeping. I sleep in my recliner cause of the arm thing. Sometimes I get involved reading blogs or changing mine...I look at the clock and it's 2am
    then all of a sudden it's 3..take a bathroom break,then sit back down and then it's 4. So I think "well, I guess there's no point" Hubs is usually up about 5...BUT most of the time I can't tell it, my thinking is sharper and there's more clarity. wierd!!!!
    And I make it thru the day just fine.
    really wierd.

  8. I've just returned home from a long weekend away with friends and sleep eluded me, too. Every night! And now I sit here, almost too keyed up to even attempt sleep. But I'm going to try. I really am. Wish me luck!

  9. oh that pop of red ..exciting shot!!

  10. I'm finally starting to sleep through the night after about five years of insomnia, so I know how crappy it is to be up at 3 am! The spring shot is lovely. :)

  11. Marvelous way to makes lemons out of the non-sleeping lemonade.

  12. Oh! Spring is good too! Beautiful shot!
    I just woke up an hour ago, and I could so very easily crawl back into bed. If only I didn't have so much to do today!


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