November 2, 2010

resources (02/30)

daily gratitude - i'm grateful for friends - old and new.  and i know that is cliche...but i don't care.  i've been working so crazily that my old friends may feel somewhat neglected, but they are always a warm candle beside me - steady and true and though they may flicker from time to time, they are there.  and new friends that i've met over the year - i treasure them too. 

so today - make a new friend, visit a new blog, explore, leap - grow.

today on my ipod - hush (angie aparo), lay lady lay (bob dylan), give a little bit (covered by the goo goo dolls), world spins madly on (the weepies), tupelo honey (van morrison), moonlight mile (the rolling stones), angel eyes (jeff healey), close to you (far too jones)


  1. Good words...just like those old and new friends. Sweet treasures indeed!

  2. Friends are amongst my greatest treasure ... and of all the reason I love technology, I love it most for bringing us together!

  3. "they are always a warm candle beside me..." I love that line! Beautiful thought today. :)

  4. friends are so important to our lives - the old and the new ones.

  5. I just came back for another looksey...have i mentioned how fab that pic is!!

  6. a warm candle beside you..I love that.


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