November 5, 2010

comfort (05/30)

sometimes you ride out the waves or the tough days.  though the day yesterday didn't get much better in frustrations, it turned out well in that we were able to give a wonderful goodbye to a fantastic friend.  i'm proud to call carol a friend, we've been friends over 20 years and yesterday, as i stood listening to the governor tell her how wonderful she is, tears welled up.  alabama is losing her to louisiana - ahhh, yes politics.  they suck sometimes.  but, it gives me a great friend to visit in a new city.

today's gratitude - i'm grateful when friends get the recognition they deserve.  i'm happy to be in the glow of their achievements.  and though everyone may not agree with them, i'm grateful that we can come together to give her that recognition for what she did for the underserved in alabama.


  1. have a wonderful weekend,...lovely road to travel down!

  2. it truly is magic (i believe) to witness the successes of those we love and hold dear. it lifts you in return. brava for your friend! xx s

  3. I am in love with this picture!!!!!!
    So gorgeous, those trees. And a long country road with other surprises, no doubt, around that corner. I wish I could walk down that road.


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