November 20, 2010

convenience (20/30)

we live in a fast paced world these days - ones of our own making.  we fill our days with "musts" and "haftas" and the like - feeling guilty when we are not able to live up to expectations.  we treat our lives too often as disposable and if we don't like something then we ditch it and try something else - marriages, jobs and myriad of other things.  who cares - there is always something to replace that right?  we live a life of convenience - where too often the trouble it takes to check in with someone is not worth the effort.  *sigh*  and often, i'm grateful for that convenience - where i can hop in the car and buy something quickly, never thinking of the little time it would take giving from the heart instead of the pocketbook (does anyone say pocketbook anymore?)

today's gratitude - though i'm grateful for the convenience i have to live my life to my expectations, i'm also grateful that i recognize this and am trying to live "slower" with more deliberance and gratitude about what is not convenient.  like the time it takes to cook a meal instead of buying a meal, the time it takes to make cookies for the cookie swap, the sitting down to write a handwritten letter to a soldier.  this year, as i'm trying to put more "service" into my life - let me also be grateful for the ease i have in my life.  there are many that are not as lucky as i am and wish they could overcome their hardships to have a better life.  let me be truly grateful for that and the roles of others that have contributed to that for me. 

today on my i-pod -  hanging by a moment (lifehouse), breakin' me (jonny lang), runaway train (soul asylum), save me (aimee mann), feeling good (nina simone), let's stay together (al green)

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  1. I'm trying to slow down and be thankful for what I have as well ... and yes, yes I do say pocketbook. It has more character. :)


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